Day Trip in Pictures – Part 2 – Mammoth Springs

Mr. wanted to surprise us with this beautiful and amazing wonder.  With Bou in charge of the camera, we set off to see and walk the trails.

Did a little wadding in the COOOOOLD water.  The mid 70 degree weather didn’t help the chill factor either.

There is an old train depot.  We, or rather Mr. Littlest, was blessed with a real train driving by very slow – less than 5 feet and a fence separated him and his beloved train! 

The water was so clear!  Amazing!

Mr. has some great eyes.  He spotted this in the middle of the lake somehow, using the cameras zoom was the only way I was able to see it.

Notice that lovely couple in the picture above?  That dear lady offered to take a picture of all of us.  Bless her heart!  Not willing to pass up the opportunity, I tried to explain where the zoom and shutter button were…  she found it… and I am perpetually caught with an explaining expression, but I don’t care.  It’s one of the few pictures I have of our whole family.  I’m going with it!

It was a wonderful day.  Family, beautiful weather, beautiful sights, history and God’s wonder coming to life, lots of memories made.  Love!

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