Day Trip in Pictures – Part 1 – The Wilder Farm

I think it would quite easy to say the Missouri Day Trip was a raving success!

And that I’m a total slacker.  Forgive me yall, the weather this week has been beyond beautiful.  I have taken complete advantage of it from sun up to sun down.  But decided today we (mostly) finished our projects, so lets go mooch wifi and upload a million pics!  Whoo hoo!

I’m also totally going to pretend this was actually purposeful, since today is actually Girly’s Birthday.

I proudly present, The Wilder Farm in pictures.

We started the day at 5am.  Ahem.  On a Saturday.  Yea. 

Mr. pointed this out to me – a town built on a cliff!  How gorgeous!  Love how he knows this kind of stuff about me {swoon}

Bou was armed with the DSLR, the big girls were given the Point and Shoot.  We ended up with almost 500 pictures of the day!  Mommy fail moment: I got tired of looking through them to pick for this post.  I may add more later.  I may not.

This dear lady informed us that the music you listen to when you start spinning is the same music you need to listen to the entire time.  If you start with a lullaby and turn to something peppy, your yarn will not be the same.  It’s the little bits we loved to hear.

Pa’s fiddle!!  We also got to head Mary’s organ – amazing!!

Bou was unaware that photography was not allowed inside.  Oops.  That is Laura’s actual cook stove that Almonzo retrofitted, piping water into the back for hot water on tap!  The volunteers were so wonderful!  They were not supposed to give a tour and talk about things, but it was like they couldn’t help themselves, eager to share their love and knowledge with very eager listeners.  Love!!

One talked about how Almonzo had the kitchen custom built to suit Half-Pint Laura, who only stood 5 foot tall.  Her baking counter reflected that when my 5’10” frame stood next to it!  Haha!  They slept in separate beds, with Laura creeping past him in the middle of the night to write in her study.  Her desk sealed the day she died with the foot stool he made for her so her feet wouldn’t dangle.  In her study was also a fainting couch she apparently slept on a lot to not wake Almonzo going back to the bedroom and a small box that was once a radio (he gutted it and she used it to store her vacuum attachments in it).

Um, yea…  not sure what that’s for…  There is a bedroom on the other side of that door.

Laura’s chicken coop…  ours is soooo much smaller!

Morgan horses!!  They are quite beautiful!!  And much smaller than I thought they would be.  The girls are the perfect size for them and have already asked for some…  um, yea…  we need to finish the house for us before we start on a barn for livestock.

Funny story.  This is Dean Butler.  He played Almonzo in the Little House TV Series.  Girly was adamant, she wanted his autograph.  So we stood in the oh so long line.  A lady was selling raffle tickets, saying Dean Butler would draw the winning tickets.  Both girls look at me, confused “Who’s that?”  Uh, the guy’s autograph we are standing in line for…  Oh.  

After an hour, Girly decided that she would be perfectly happy to just get a picture “so she could always remember” and we could go.  So I told her to go ahead, take the camera and snap one.  After asking, and being denied, she decided to go covert, sneak up on the side of the deck, zoom in and snap one.  This is the result.  And yes, she was beyond happy and ready to go to the next adventure.

This is the house Rose had built for her parents.  Rose spared no expense building this home – she was the 2nd highest paid author at that time, cost was no concern.  Including paying $3,000 to have electricity ran from the city to the house (today that’s about $40k!).  This house was amazing as well for being built in 1928!  A modern bathroom – still completely original – that looks just like something that would be built now.  Ok, different color choices, but way cuter than say, the avocado green of the 60’s.  Before the restoration took place, it was being used as a hay barn (shock and horror!).  It is all back to original, for some reason Laura had photos taken on the inside that they used to restore the home.

From those front windows, this was her view:

Beautiful!!!   All of the views from her “living pictures” were beautiful!!


Girly picked out a cute sunbonnet at the gift shop since it was her birthday – wasn’t it sweet of her to let Lady get a picture with it on.  Then it was decided we are going to make one for everyone.  {Love that they think I am so capable LOL}
We also found out that the lady that played Mary on the show… her birthday is today as well.  So it’s unofficially official, Girly is Mary.  Maybe we really are modern day Ma and Pa after all…

Happy 11th Birthday Girly!!  I hope you had a truly Blessed day and enjoyed your trip!!

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Day Trip in Pictures – Part 1 – The Wilder Farm — 2 Comments

    • I don't know but it was upsetting. They had so many things we read about in the books the children wanted photos of 🙁 I think if we would have been sly with a little camera, we could get a few – flash-free, sound off of course LOL

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