7 Quick Takes – 9/20/2013

The Little House Edition
Yall, our house is complete Ingalls Mania!  In almost all things a similarity or a contrast is found between us and them.  It is quite comical at times how quickly the girls reference back to the series.  They have concluded that Bou and Mr. Littlest are Royal and Almonzo, while the girls are aged appropriately to be Mary, Laura, Carrie and Grace.  Although the coveted title of Laura is debated often. 
There is some discussions about everyone dressing as “their” character for Halloween.  Having not so great sewing abilities (unlike Ma, I’m told), the thought of those dresses makes me rather nervous.  Can we say Ebay and praying for reasonable pricing? 
The prices and wages have been a big discussion point.  In The Long Winter wheat was priced at .83/bushel (125 lbs) now its $20/50lbs.  Almonzo’s Morgan horses were $250-300 and are now $2000-2500.  Laura was paid $25 a month to teach school.  And she only had to be 16!  We’ve decided maybe adding a zero or two to their prices gets us somewhere close to current rates.
Bless her heart, the librarian was so sweet and patient.  The girls put to her (what they thought) would be a simple request – books on anything Laura.  After spending a good 30 minutes with them, walking through the library to multiple sections they found a children’s craft book and a recipe book.  Mufflers and sun bonnets are now on the “to make” list.  Let’s not point out again, my lack of sewing skills.  At least the food part I can handle with relative ease…  I think.
They found the pilot for the show on YouTube.  It is actually a 90 minute movie!  The girls got their first real taste of how books and movies are so different.  I was really surprised at all the differences they pointed out.  From the big things like Carrie not being born yet in The Big Woods to how the Indians were dressed (Uh, they are supposed to be naked with just a cloth LOL).  It was unanimously decided, the book(s) are “waaaaay” better than the movie.  I will leave them to decide if they want to continue watching the show since it doesn’t follow the books.
Of course Google has been a huge resource in the quest to find “all things Laura”, we found out there are 3 more books!  On the Way Home, West From Home and The Road Back!  They are so excited to continue the series through to an adult Laura.  I thought there would be some tears at the end of the First Four Years, you know since the series was over… but since I was holding the next book, all I heard was “keep reading!”  Love!
Wanting to know just how close it was, we googled the Missouri home Laura and Almonzo built together.   We noticed that it actually isn’t that far away and this is the centennial celebration of the home build.  With a special event which just happens to be the same week as Girly’s birthday!!  So Missouri bound we are to see Laura and Almonzo’s bread plate, her writing desk, Mary’s organ and probably the most exciting – to hear Pa’s fiddle!  Oh my, to say they are a little excited would be an understatement.  They have told everybody who will listen and have been counting down the days.  I love that we are able to give them this mini adventure.

Hope you all have a Blessed Week!  And don’t forget to jump over to Jen’s and read more 7QT!

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  1. I love your kids! I was obsessed with those as a kid too 🙂
    Little girl pioneer dresses aren't too bad, they are basically rectangles with a neck and armholes cut out for the bodice, and more rectangles gathered at the waist for the skirt. Plus the sleeves, which for my little sister were more rectangles, gathered, to be puffed sleeves. I didn't put any closure in it, so she had to

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