From Scorpions to Project 33

I can hear you now – what in the world do scorpions have to do with Project 33 you crazy woman.  Hang on, you’ll see the logic. 
We have killed 4 scorpions in the last couple of weeks.  And by “we” I mean Bou and Mr while I stood away holding littles, shaking and hollerin (me, not the littles).  After seeing a huge spider chasing a decent sized scorp, I kinda went into panic mode again.  Let’s just say 3 more cans of spray foam brings our total to 15, if I remember correctly.  Now if our house isn’t sealed up to be arachnid proof, I don’t know what to do.  Since it’s still open walls, burning it down seems a bit extreme when more spray foam would likely fix the problem.  Twist ties, duct tape and spray foam – fix anything!   At least I hope.  
I digress, back to the connection. 
In order to spray foam the cracks we had to move everything away from the walls.  Since it’s a small space, everything we own is along the walls.  Well since we are moving it all anyway, let’s go head and put up the last pack of denim insulation.  It won’t take but a few minutes and we would gain 4 square feet of space!
Once that was done, it occurred to me it would be the perfect opportunity to rearrange, to be more like it will be when we build the cabinets.  All the clothes in the (future) wardrobe on the left, TV in the opposite corner, food in the kitchen (what a concept, right?!).  But again, let’s remember – 320 square feet, 7 people present, 8 people’s clothes, chairs, kitchen stuff.  It was kind of like a jigsaw puzzle, moving this first to fit this there, but first this must be moved so we can move this around.  Whew! 
And since we are moving the clothes around, let’s quick go through them for the summer/winter switch over.  Well since we are doing it anyway, let’s start a Project 33 Challenge!  
I’d heard about it last year.  I really have no good reason that I haven’t initiated it earlier.  Except for the fact I was really dreading the whole going through all their clothes and hearing the “but I LOOOOVE this shirt, see if I don’t move at all and kinda tug at the hem a little… it still fits!”, weeding each child’s wardrobe down to 33 items to last 3 months.  Not an endeavor I was looking forward to.
Amazingly, it went really well! 
I pretty much left it up to them.  If it doesn’t fit, it’s out.  Period.  They know their size and I’m not playing.  None of this “yeeeaaa, I guess I like it” – either love it or it’s out.  If you go over 33 items, it’s up to you to figure out what to get rid of.  They all took very well to it and quickly filled a trash bag full!  Mr. and I are the only ones left to do.  Will post totals when we are finished.  I’m excited to see what changes it brings about.
Now you understand how scorpions led me to Project 33.  It’s how my mind works.  After a couple of tweeks, I’ll post a new tour! 

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From Scorpions to Project 33 — 3 Comments

  1. That is how things get done in my house also 🙂 I just cleaned my pots cabinet because I had to throw away three of our pots because the non stick surface had peeled up. Now I have a clean cabinet 🙂 My school room got a little pick me up from this kind of thinking also. Of course my boys went right in a made a mess as soon as I walked out…

  2. Oh, and we just saw a scorpion yesterday. Thankfully first one NOT in the house. I have not seen one in the house for about a month and it is making me nervous. Like I am due for one of something. Sorry about being so long winded. My husband is working late. Need adult conversation…

    • There is a method to the madness!! 😀 And somehow it manages to get a lot accomplished 😉

      Ugh! Sorry you are encountering those nasties as well :-\ I laughed though – we went a few weeks and I was thinking the same thing! After learning about them, I have decided I am ok with them – outside of my house and "bug free safe zone" perimeter – you know, out in the woods LOL

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