7 Quick Takes – 8/30/2013

 – 1 –

My mother-in-law decided to keep 5 of the 6 children tonight after their relentless begging the last few weeks.  BabyGirl is still a nursling, much to young to be away all night.  Mr. has to be at work early.  And by early, I mean what I would consider bedtime pre-off grid.  I decided to take this rare opportunity to whip out my 7QT for the week.  I may even get it posted on Friday!  If I am really, really lucky – I may make it out of the 200’s!!  
 I’m not sure how Jen does it.  Or any of the other bloggers who are so good at posting their Friday’s 7QT on, you know, Friday.  I figure either they are really good at just whipping out posts about random things or (and what I am mostly hoping for), they work on it all week long and just publish it on Friday.  Well here goes, maybe I can secretly do the same in the following weeks.   
And in the morning, I am totally sleeping in until 8.  And then I am going to drink coffee.  In mostly quiet.  And all at one time.  Don’t be jealous, it’s only the 2ndtime in 2 years.

Edit to add:  Go figure – I write it up Thursday night and am so busy all day Friday it’s midnight:30 before I get to publish.   Eh, I’m calling it a win – I haven’t been to sleep yet so it’s still Friday in my mind – and I’m #191 baby!  Out of the 200’s!  Whoo hoo!

– 2 –

 Interesting observation about country living.  Forrest bugs shut up when the dog barks.  Or when planes fly over.  And the loudness of the noise directly correlates to the quietness of the bugs.  How weird is that?!  Whoever said the country is full of “peace and quiet” had obviously never spent time out here.  I’m here to tell ya, these bugs, whatever they are, are so loud some nights you have to yell to be heard over them!  It. Is. Crazy.  Until…  Until the dog barks.  In unison, the bugs quiet, like someone turned down the volume.  After a moment, God turns the volume back up and they are as loud as they were before.  Same thing with the planes only it’s the mute button.  Just another neat nature thing that happens for Google doesn’t know why.

 – 3 –

What I am about to say will probably make some of you turn away.  What?!  Oh. My. Word. Heathen.  But it is another oddity that surprised me.  So here goes… While washing my hands at my in-laws, my side started hurting.  Not like a deep pain, but enough to of an ache to make me cringe away.  It was bizarre but I shrugged it off.  Later, I wash my hands again, same bizarre sensation.  The smell…  something about the smell.  That’s when it hit me.  It was Dial soap.  And Dial soap is what we used to wash my tattoo – 3 years ago!  They say smell is the strongest memory trigger.  I am a complete believer now.  Apparently my brain associates Dial soap with pain.  Like the smell of plastic packaging sends my mind back to Children’s Hospital.  Every. Time.  I will be taking Soft Soap next time we go.

– 4 –

Funny things children say.  Mr. Littlest, in his best 4 year old “let’s have an adult conversation” way says “Mama, you know, I really like Ruff Ruffman.  {sighs and shakes head}  Sometimes.  {another sigh}  But he’s always trying to teach me science.”  It’s okay Ruff, he only likes me “sometimes” too.  He doesn’t like when I “make him in trouble”.  Can’t argue with his logic.

– 5 –

We went out to eat Tuesday for our Anniversary and this was on the sign.   Don’t be harsh.  That is a ‘15’ and it was totally put there because the restaurant was wishing us a happy anniversary.

– 6 –

Since my phone is an expensive paperweight with limited capabilities, I have been left camera-less.  Not good for this photog freak.  So I pulled out my “big” camera again… I had put it away when we went to Texas, after we were robbed I hid it away.  And then camp building not being safe for my nice camera.  Sadly, I found out the battery won’t charge.  We are rough on batteries apparently.  The truck batteries, laptop battery, phone battery, big camera battery.  Thankfully, a new one is less than $20!  Yay.   
Then I pulled out my little Kodak.  Not the greatest pics, but it gets the job done.  Both camera’s had the SD cards still in them, which of course I had to browse through.  Quickly I was reminded how much I miss taking actual pictures instead of just snapping pics.  Both have their place for sure.  Let’s be honest, I won’t be lugging the tripod and camera bag along with me and the crew on most outings.  But there is something really enjoyable about paying attention to lightening and shadows, white balance and aperture to capture a beautiful scene.  Not that I am a pro by any stretch, but I’ll go with a semi-pro wannabe.  
I have been playing around with a new banner the last few weeks.  The bug has hit and I want to revamp the site.  Fall fever perhaps.  This was further intensified by QT#6 and my rekindled desire to shoot pictures again.  I also realized how much easier it all is now.  I remember having to learn the HTML to create my first few webpages.  Then I got into pictures and had to learn how to do edits with PSP.  And now… now most things are a click.  WYSIWYG websites and blogs; photo editing with one click – black and white, sepia, adding textures. No longer having to go through 75 steps to turn a pic to black and white and pop color.  Yea, kinda feels like many wasted hours learning it back then Haha (Just kidding, I enjoyed it, just makes me envious of all these people that have never had to.)

– 7 – 

We get to spend a couple of days at a powered home.  The funny part – the children are excited about real sofa’s to sit on and walking barefoot on the wood floors.  Me, I’m excited to use a full 50 gallons of water and take a loooong bath.  And then, I’m so gonna Chi my hair!  I’m a rebel, I know.  I also realize how that simultaneously sounds shallow and sad.  How well we have acclimated to our off grid life has also stuck me in a couple of interesting ways.  First – the thermostat.  It is chilly at 76!  Had to turn it up because it was flat freezing at the 72 it was set at.  Second – apparently I am used to working in low light conditions at night… I forgot I could flip a switch and shed light.  Wow.  We have arrived. 
I shall spend the next 24 hours making photo books from the newly refound external hard-drive… with its some 60k pictures from the last 10 years.  Ahem.  Yes.  After losing it twice, I’m not taking any more chances.  The bright side, its only about 60 gigs.  Ahem.  No, I am not taking the time to do spreads.  My goal is simple – get each year into a book.  Nothing beyond what the program itself will do automatically. Wish me luck.
Hope you all have a Blessed Week!  And don’t forget to go check out more 7QT’s over at Jen’s!

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