7 Quick Takes – 8/23/13

Up this week:  Total randomness!  Back to blogging, busy week, we are the Ingalls (kinda), relationship building, a letter to loved ones, Pinterest and Happy Anniversary to us!
– 1 –
Blog, oh blog, how have I missed thee.  It has been 12 looooong days since I have had the ability to write.  I have concluded that blogging isn’t just something fun I like to do, it is like therapy.  Only way cheaper.  I have a new plan, (soon) a new laptop battery and a new way to actually upload them on a regular basis!  Do you hear those angels singing?!  Maybe it’s just me.
Now, of course, like any other blogging mama, this is mostly contingent on the children adhering to the schedule I have set forth that includes things like Quiet Time and Bed Time.  At reasonable hours.  Without stressing me out to the point that I can’t think straight, let alone write a coherent sentence.  She types one handed while struggling with an infant refusing sleep, two littles arguing and an older telling me jokes.  Ok.  Maybe I don’t have much of a plan.  Regardless, I have the desire and now the ability – 2 out of 3 isn’t bad!
One more thing about this – what’s up with all these children occupying places having free wifi but NO PLUGS?  Really people?!  McDonalds, the library, the bowling ally – all these places will keep my children quiet and entertained for 2 hours easy and they offer wifi but not a plug in sight.  The gentle soul at the Golden Arches however, pointed me to an outlet at the counter, you know, if I didn’t mind standing…  Although tempted, I politely declined. 
– 2 –
The Lord blessed us with a whole week of absolutely beautiful August weather. 
We just don’t get those temps in the south in August.  Let alone for a whole week!  
 Needless to say, my perceived ability far dwarfed my actual ability.  But after a week of nasty triple digits and 89% humidity, causing me to freak one night and turn on the generator and haul up 4 fans at 11 pm, I was really excited to get a lot done.  While the weather was lovely I made asked really nicely for everyone to help and get stuff done. We did manage to get the entire house straightened up and reorganized, the truck’s interior detailed (a major feat with 6 children in such a small space!), a deck bench/tool storage built (post about that soon!), an outside tool shed started, the back window installed (at 11pm!) and many plans figured out for the house build.   
Not to mention Bou going on a 2 day Student Conference with the church – do you see that view!?  
 Amazing isn’t it?  And in case you were curious, yes, I was totally that crazy mom driving in circles hanging out the door to get a decent shot… with a phone. Don’t worry, I waited for him to get inside first.  On another day Girly had a 1 day outing with her church group and on another day, it was family lake day for the Littles!  That’s what happens when you have children that happen to fit into every age ministry at church.
Anyone else glad to have school back in session so the schedule calms some?  Now that’s funny coming from a homeschooling family.  Oh, and before you get all envious of our fall like summer break, 100’s and oppressive humidity is back in the forecast for the next 2 weeks. 
 – 3 –
The children have gone mad over The Little House series.  I find it amusing honestly since it took weeks and despite my “you’re gonna love it, trust me” prodding, they never grew interested in hearing it.  “But Grammy made us watch some shows, we know what it’s about.  Grumble, grumble.”  Finally one day, I just started reading out loud “to myself”, y’know.  And the love affair began on the first pages.  
“The great, dark trees of the Big Woods stood all around the old house, and beyond them were more trees and beyond them were more trees.”  And Girly shouts “That’s us!”  Hooked.  I continue.  “Wolves lived in the Big Woods… Fox had dens in the hills and deer roamed everywhere.”  Mr. Littlest “That’s us too!”  Hooked.  “Her father’s gun hung over the door and good old Jack, the brindle bulldog, lay on guard before it.  Her father would say: “Go to sleep, Laura.  Jack won’t let the wolves in.”  Lady “And that’s us!”  Hooked.  “The house was a comfortable house, upstairs was a large attic…” Missy shouts “Us too!”  Hooked.
Just. Like. That.  It has been non-stop since.  A chapter or two (or three or four) in the morning, again at night before bed.  And every chance during the day that we have a few extra moments. They can’t wait to see what happens next and squeal when there is another similarity.  Like when Pa built a house from “boughten lumber”!  Or when they hear someone use a phrase Pa or Ma used like “all’s well that ends well” or “a miss is as good as a mile”.  I love how much they are learning, how interested they have become in how things “used to be” and sometimes still are.  They often talk about the differences between Laura and Almonzo’s lives and compare it to ours.  At first loved the idea of having cornbread everyday (like Laura), until we did pancakes everyday (like Almonzo).  They are rethinking that now.  Just for fun, I think another butter making session is in order!
– 4 –
The Lord has been after me since… ahem… Lent… to reach out and attempt to mend a couple of relationships.  Apparently, when it comes to jumping into the unknown without a clue – you know like self-building an off grid tiny house in the country – I am much more willing to just jump.  When it comes to actually talking with people, dealing with actual relationships, I stink.  And put it off.  For like ever.  I’m aware that delayed obedience is disobedience, hopefully He isn’t to upset it took me so long.  So I sucked it up, swallowed my pride and sent the text, not expecting a reply.  When one returned.  The get-together went pretty well, and I am depending on the Lord to direct my steps (and words and actions) with no expectations.  Building (or rebuilding) relationships, isn’t that what this whole “living simply” thing is all about?  
I also find the irony in this oxy moron.  I am such an extrovert!  I have mad people skills usually.  But when it comes to this personal, heart stuff, I choke.  Goodness, this growth stuff is kinda hard – I don’t like all these weaknesses of mine to be highlighted.  Yet I am happy I am growing in Him.
– 5 –
A letter that I so wish I could send out to folks.  I’ll wait while you go read it.
Wow, right?!  I particularly love the last line:
“But we enjoy experiences over possessions, quality over quantity, and needs over wants.”
And it totally highlighted what and why I did what I did in my previous point.  Love!
– 6 –
Onto a MUCH fluffier side of life, one night last week, while having the opportunity and the ability to blog.  I totally didn’t.  I know, the horror after all the whining I have done about not being able to.  Instead I spent over 2 hours arraigning my Tiny House boards on Pinterest.  Yall, I had over 600 pins in the general board “Tiny House”!!  Seriously?!  I know I am a Pinaholic, but with my normally mostly organized self, I just don’t know how I let it get that bad with the new moble updates!   Super excited to have it all categorized down… but then I went on another pinning spree.  When will I ever learn?!  That time I was at least smart enough to make the board before I started pinning a gazillion ideas!  #Addicted  Now go find something totally awesome for your house!
– 7 – 
To end this on a really high note.  It’s our 15thanniversary weekend!!  15 years of marriage yall.  Not bad for a “couple of kids that won’t last a year”.  Yea, we totally took it as a challenge LOL  By the Grace of God alone, we have thrived.  I could go on and on, but that’s for another time.  Truly Blessed.  
No big plans but hanging out at the house… and installing the new door we were gifted!!  Thank you, thank you!!  

  A real functioning door yall!  With a non-rotted frame!  And a real handle and lock (instead of a couple of pieces of 2×4 LOL). That actually closes without having to lift and pull and booty bump!!  I got to go pick out a handle and lock set.  Knowing I hadn’t even thought of hardware colors beyond “anything but brass”.  We decided on brushed nickel, thinking the black (although I love) would be to formal looking for our little cottage.  The children act like it as a new toy and I can’t stop looking at it.  Loving the almost panoramic view we now have!!
We also were able to install the new window for the back of the house this last week… at 11pm!  I know, I know.  So we finished it up, finished another window and did a few other “small” things that needed completing check off the list.  
Hope you all have a Blessed week!  And don’t forget to stop by Jen’s site to read more 7QT!

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