Power Plight

And here’s the long version to our recent power plight. 

The electric man came out last Friday.  All was a go.  With the land being “heavily wooded” they would cut the trees – for free!  Furthermore, since there are so many trees, it might have been cheaper to go underground.  Also, for free.  But it had to be passed to an engineer because we had to get easement approval from the neighbor to run power down the street to us. 
Fast-forward, Monday, the engineer came out.  All was a go.  After discussing our generator issues a bit (the new 3rd one won’t stay running for more than 30 minutes), he said he would push it through quickly.  He just had to pass it up to the next link in the chain to find out if they wanted to go over or under.
Tuesday, the engineer came out with the tree cutting supervisor to discuss where to take the line.  Again, all was a go to get started Wednesday.
Until everything came to a screeching halt later that afternoon.
The 2nd chain passed it to the 3rdchain… who decided we had not shown “significant improvements to the land”.  And by that, he meant water and septic.  Because apparently an almost finished house does not equal “significant improvements”.  Whereas once we have a well dug and septic installed he “feels we will be less likely to walk away after they invest thousands into improving our land”.  The engineer said he did his best advocating for us because obviously we have made significant improvements, boss man just wasn’t having it.
After getting off the phone with him, I had to chuckle.  The Lord is keeping us true to the original plan. 
And after Sunday’s sermon about Noah and his Bold Obedience to what the Lord asked of him, despite the hardship and opposition, I was questioning the whole grid power thing.  Finally deciding “Well if it’s not His will, He will find a way to stop it.”   
Stop it He did.  Suddenly the refusal for the loans makes much more sense.
 Even if it is momentarily against our will, this is because of Him, for His Glory.  He knows what’s best.  He has the plan.  We will Praise Him for the blessings that He has given and that will continue to come by following Him. 
The question then is, what does the future hold?  The current plan involves just finishing the house.  We should (if everything goes as planned) have it done by years end, if not before.  At that point we will focus on utilities.   Until then we may start building up a solar array and at that later point decide if we want to connect to the grid or not.  Let’s be honest, by that time we would be close to 2 years off grid – why go back?  Shrug.  We shall see.

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