Our First Hiking Outing

Hiking has always looked interesting to me.  Something I think I would like to do.  A couple of years ago I watched a documentary about the Appalachian Trail – and loved it! It looks like it would be so amazing.  Difficult, but amazing. 

But with many young children in tow, I dared not attempt it solo.  Now that we are getting towards the “more olders than not” it started looking like a real possibility. 

When Papa offered to go with us I instantly took him up on it!  We started with a super easy 30 minute stroller friendly trail to test the waters.  And it went fabulously!

We had to stop and read all the signs.

Papa pushed the double stroller.  He’s a machine as he had gone up and down the mountain before we arrived.  We took what I like to call the “scenic route” because admitting that I got lost on a road I’ve traveled a thousand times just doesn’t sound as fun.

The trees were amazing. I’ve never seen any quite like them.

This is the mountain.  By this point the children determined they wanted to hike up it.  I was not ready for that given that late start of the day.  We will have to save that for another (earlier, non scenic route taking) day.

BabyGirl’s first time in a stroller.  I’d say she was quite happy!  The other two little alternated turns in the front.  Not because they were tired but because it had been so long since I had taken a stroller anywhere.

After the walk we played at the playground and had a picnic lunch.  BabyGirl passed out.  And mama
remembered why she loved the double stroller so much when she had two itty-bitties!

The children want to go back soon and hike the “big trail” up the mountain.  But I think we will wait until the heat of summer is over first.  So excited to try rougher terrain!!  Maybe an overnight trip or two is in our future.

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