Irony – TV and Life

Yall should find this as ironic as we do. 

Picture this – we are a little (or not so little) family building a house, in the woods, off grid.  There are only a couple of tv shows we watch.  One was Revolution.  You remember that one.  The world went black and they were trying to figure out how to get it back on.

Fast forward.  Our new show is Under the Dome.  A town cutoff from the world.  Ironically again, they are without power and are having to learn how to be self sufficient.

Tonight, the family was looking forward to the new episode.  A chance to try out the (hopefully) now working generator. Only to find out 1) we are out of gas 2) it comes on at 9pm, not 8 like we thought.  Oh and 3) an inverter plugged into the truck with an extension cord into the house will power the tv and rabbit ears.

We were able to catch the last 30 minutes or so of another ironic show as Mr was flipping channels and everyone hollered for “this one”.  Get Out Alive with Bear Grillis. 

Ok, so he is questionable with his survival skills, but I was surprised how much of this life has been training for things like that!  Not in a survival sort of way, although there has been done of that.

He talked about how attitude is so important.  And I’m here to tell you, he’s right I have learned.  Things are so much harder when you do not have a positive attitude.  It affects everyone around you much deeper than you think.  Now obviously, we all have our off days, even week.  But all in all, keeping your faith and staying positive are probably right up there on the ‘needs’ list with food and water. 

And I am left chuckling.  Even with the “escape tube” the tv is, for some reason my family is drawn to shows that are similar to the life we lead.  Interesting…  And kinda funny I think.

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