It’s For Our Good

At this point I am shaking my head chuckling.  The alternative is curling up in the fetal position while rocking in the corner.

It will all make sense in a moment. You may even laugh a little.

After writing up that lovely I’m a sell out post yesterday.  We load up in the truck, on a mission to get most of our big furniture cleaned up and listed on CraigsList and the local yard sale sites.

Quickly, the day began to fall apart.

I called the electric company to set up a work order for them to come out and figure out where the line needs to go.  Quickly being told that she will not speak to me since I am not Mr.  Don’t get me started on my thoughts on that.

Funny side note: later we joked that I should have said I was Mr. and gave all the information.  If they said anything about me not sounding like a man I could have 1) acted incredibly offended – thanks for pointing it out Mr. Obvious, its not my fault I have a girly voice or 2) said in a very sweet voice “Well thank you, I have spent a lot of money and time to accomplish the change!”  Bwahaha

So back to the story – I moved on to the furniture. 

I get to cleaning the leather sofa, flip it over to clean the front… and notice wood pieces poking through the underside.  Get to feeling.  The entire armrest is shattered.  Shat-tered.  I sat down and cried.  That was our big ticket item – the item that I was counting on to get the ball rolling for power – and now I could maybe sell it for 15% of what we paid instead of 30%.

Cry over a couch? Yes, I did.  Because we have sold or given away probably 75% of what we owned already.  We don’t a whole lot left in general, let alone big ticket items.

Picked myself up again and went to see what else we could part with… and I see our bedroom suite.  I don’t want to sell it.  For shallow, selfish, materialistic reasons.  I love my bedroom suite.  It took us forever to accumulate nice, pretty furniture that we loved.  This has been the one thing I have begged and pleaded to not sell, even though we have no room for it currently.

We had to leave to meet with someone to pick up flooring we agreed to a month ago (that was a huge plus in the day, more of that in the 7 Quick Takes).  Along the way I settled – I will include those if it means power.

Fast forward to later – Mr. calls.  And we find out the amount we were given months ago for an “estimated quote” is only about 1/2-1/3 of what it will actually cost. 

So that’s it.  After the run around and “well you don’t have another option, this is what the fees are, pay it or don’t have power” words and attitude, I just got mad.  We can get a 3k solar array for the same price as it would be to connect to the grid.  That is more than enough for our current needs!  Plus with the savings of no electric bill, we can continue to expand it.  Take that Electric Company!

We now know why He didn’t able us to get the loans – we wouldn’t have asked for enough to begin with!  And between the loan and the electric bill, we wouldn’t have been saving any money once summer was over (and our gas and ice usage drops dramatically). 

One more thing – the 2nd borrowed generator stopped producing power this morning as we were continuing the roof install.  And I had another laugh – is He weaning us off of power?  Think about it – from grid power to a 5500 watt generator to a 2000 watt generator to ??? Small solar setup??  Possibly maybe!

I don’t know why the Lord is allowing all these hurdles, but I know it is for our good.  Maybe this is His way of keeping us strong, keeping us true to the original goal.  I may not like it right now, but I praise Him knowing it is best for the plans He has for us – the ones to prosper us, to give us hope and a future.

I will desperately try to remember that next week when the 100+ degree heat indexes are back…  don’t hold me to it.

And my loved bedroom suite has survived the chopping block again for now!

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