7 Quick Takes – 6/8/2013

Up this week:  More freaking out from this City Mouse, tye-dying shirts at night, losing teeth and cutting teeth, Mr.’s project and this crazy menopausal spring.

 – 1 –
I missed last week.  And I’m only kinda sorry.  Mostly because I blogged for 31 one days straight yall!  I’m just mostly really excited I finished it and rewarded myself with no pressure posts for a few days.  It was fun, it was tough, but it was good.
BabyGirl is pulling herself to standing now.  Still not showing any signs of crawling.

– 2 –
Here’s one to file in “Adventures in Starting a Homestead”.   
We could also file it under “This City Mouse is having a hellova time adjusting to Country Living” or “I am out of valor and composure”.

Remember our Horrid 24 hours a couple of weeks ago??  Only this time, whoever is making this stuff appear upped the ante and gave just enough time in between to keep me on edge.  It started when Mr. was cutting up more trees with this:  
A lovely DEADLY copperhead!  He almost stepped on it – Praise God and his Guardian Angel!  The Word does say “his heel shall crush his head…”  Or a 20 gauge dove shot.  Whatever works.  Funny, it was just a few hours after we were talking and the exact words of “well at least we haven’t seen anything that could kill us” were uttered.  Nice. 

A couple of nights later, while watching some TV, Missy sees a scorpion running towards the bed!  Remember how this went last time??  Yup, another sleepless night in the safety of the truck.    

It has since been a general run-through of a couple of small (thankfully!!) spiders, flies, may bugs (in June), oh yea, and *2* of the biggest beetles I have ever seen in my life!  Like think June Bug on ‘roids.  These things were about the size of half dollars.  And two in one night?!  One of which flew on Bou and then landed on the Baby.  And you know I proceeded to scream like, well a girl. Thankfully Bou learned his task of Designated Bug Killer early in life.

And what’s with all the bugs named after the month’s they appear in?  Wonder what a July Bug would be…

But I digress.  All of this has left me serious contemplating a loan to get the house finished… and a hotel.  
 – 3 –
VBS started this week.  We got the shirts Sunday.  Bou is volunteering.  After his Monday night orientation I got the brilliant idea to go to Walmart and see what we could do to decorate the children in their team colors.  At 8:00 at night.  You think that’s crazy?  Oh it gets better.

While looking around the craft department I got the brilliant idea to Tye-dye their shirts!  We met some other folks who had the same idea.  After chatting and swapping ideas we finally made it home at 9… just in time for the season finale of Revolution.  And really if we are willing to go get gas at 8:30 pm to turn the generator power back on to watch a show about them trying to turn the power back on, we weren’t missing the finale!  Do you see where this is going??  By the way – it was during this show that we had the 2nd scorpion.

At 10:30 pm, we started tye-dying shirts.  Inviting that level of craziness from children that late at night might border on craziness.

Doing it with no running water or electricity takes it to the level of insanity.

Knowing a night in the truck was ahead, well that’s certifiable.
But we did it.  On the deck, drawer for soaking and first rinse, camp shower bag for thorough rinse, truck headlights for light.

And except for one “small” freak out when the dog started barking to the woods triggering children to run inside causing a commotion loud enough to scare anything away, it went pretty smooth. 

Oh yea, and we forgot to do the bandanna’s… being the lazy ingenious mom I am, I laid them on top of the wet shirts at almost 1am.  It worked.

 Then we got to repeat it the next night to fix Bou’s supposed to be orange but some reason turned pink shirt.  After another bottle of tye-dye, it turned out pretty good! 

And with $4 worth of ingrediants and two prizes won (a pocket volcano and a rocket!), we enjoyed a quiet Saturday afternoon:

– 4 –
This was the week Missy and Girly moved up to their new church rooms.  The last year Girly gets to participate in VBS.  It’s bittersweet.  

Girly is now officially with “preteens”.  Missy moved up to the “big kids” leaving Mr. Littlest alone with the “little big kids”.  Which he was not thrilled about.  See, he clings to the security of his “best buddy”.  And no, it doesn’t bother me.  He has a lifetime to be independent and will do so when he is ready.  Thankfully, he has his Friend E with him to bridge the gap.   
Funny, she wasn’t there last week and the first thing I heard was when picking him up “Mama, my friend wasn’t there, were her mom and dad with you in your class?”  Aww, bless his heart.  God is good at working people together for needs unknown!
– 5 –
Missy lost her first tooth!   
Guess she really is a big girl now huh!  And the Tooth Fairy rocked it and totally remembered to stop by and trade her $1.  In her defense, by the end of the day, she is probably pretty tired and ready to just veg, I can see how something like that could slip her mind.

BabyGirl cut not 1, not 2, but *3* teeth this week!!  My normally sweet, giggly baby that would dance to the music at church and then promptly fall asleep in Daddy’s arms has turned into an incredibly fussy and whiney and non-sleeping and cranky and snotting and and and… for the last *3* weeks.  Two weeks in a row I had to step outside during service – so not normal!  

After another stressful “mama can’t get anything done because she refuses everyone else” day we went to walmart.  Yall, I almost cried right there in that isle when I saw Hylands Teething Tablets!!  We have a long history, all of my children, sans Mr. Littlest, have used them to save my sanityhelp with their teeth.  But when Mr. Littlest was teething they were taken off the market.  I was so beyond thrilled to see they reformulated them and brought them back!!  Two tablets that night and within 20 minutes, she was peacefully asleep.  The children now refer to them as Sleepy Tablets. 
– 6 –
Mr.’s lost a friend/co-worker last week to a wreck and has been working on a project.

It’s another one of those weird “people God puts in your life” moments.  Fred did the exact thing we are doing, only 20 years ago and single.  He wanted to start a business building Tumbleweeds.

And then it occurred to us, he went to Glory on the 14th anniversary of Mr.’s fire truck rollover.  Side story: a fire truck can roll uphill and everyone inside can walk away without life threatening injuries.

Neither one of us are sure what the lesson was.  Maybe it was just another person God used to confirm “just stay with the plans I have for you”…?  Regardless, he made an impact and we pray for his soul and for his family.  RIP.
– 7 – 
The weather has been mighty rough the last few weeks hasn’t it?  Spring sprung late and can’t make up its mind.  Our hearts break for all those affected by the tornadoes in the plains and around our state. 15 in one day was the last count I heard!  While ours were mostly EF1’s and 2, the torrential rain was the main story.  Many places got almost 10”!  An amount we are not set up for.  

We were sorting through our stored things, so I was able to watch it unfold.  As much as tornados terrify me, I find them astonishing.  Chase them?  Sure, if I was with someone like with Reed Timmer or Sean Cassey with the TIV in the flatlands of Oklahoma or Kansas perhaps.  In Arkansas, with all the trees, hills and mountains, I’ll pass!  I would rather my family be in an underground shelter watching TV, thank you very much!  That day was crazy, from nothing to 3 tornados within 20 minutes.  One of which turned into the largest on record – a 2.6 mile wide wedge EF5 with winds at 296 mph!  To put that in perspective, EF5 starts at 200 mph – a Category 5 hurricane starts at 157 mph.

God willing, this will be the last tornado season we will ride out without a storm shelter.  My stress level just goes way to high on those days.  The season should be about over now, hopefully.  The tornados replaced by crazy heat but clear skies to pick up the pieces.

  This weekend is the last of beautiful weather before summer’s heat hits hard this week.  It was bound to happen at some point, huh?  Now I’m kinda stressing over how to keep cool with 95 degrees and high humidity.  Last year seemed easier – when we left Texas it was already in the 90’s, we just continued that in Arkansas with our early summer.  This year it has been cooler than normal – two days in June we had lows in the 50’s!  And by midweek, we will be mid 90’s with heat indexes over 100.  Lordy, Lordy!

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