7 Quick Takes – 6/16/2013

Happy Father’s Day!!

Up this week: PhotoDump of BabyGirl’s cute face, flooring and bed score, I love the view from up here, and just to make you feel better – I’m showing how much crap I can shove into one room, my OCD tendencies with organization, the downsizing I have been working on all week! 

  – 1 –

After the last few posts, I am going total fluff here!  Starting with a photo dump of BabyGirl, because she is too cute with her new faces (wish I could get a good one of her squishy nose face!) and her new teefers!  Plus pics of babies make me feel better.  She still has razors for nails, as evident by my neck and chest, and got her face last night.  She claps now (started that at church!) and says “mama” Awww {love}  She finally stays on hands and knees for about 10 seconds but by far still prefers standing.

– 2 –


is our flooring for downstairs!!!  #SoExcited!  A friend of ours wanted to get rid of the extras they had when they redid their house.  Oh I love it!!  The insane crazy part – it is (once again!) *just enough* to do downstairs!  And the price, well, at .76/sqft for solid hardwood…  we would have been silly to pass that up!  We’re getting there!!

 – 3 –

The other highlight of an otherwise crappy Friday – we went in the Excursion to pick up the flooring, thinking they were smaller…  ahem.  Yea, they wouldn’t fit.  So Mr. had to come out with the pickup.  And its a good thing he did!  Because she also gave us two twin mattresses  – only 3 months old!! – and bed frame set!!  Love!!

Yes, the children argued all the way home… and Girly was nice, as much as her and Lady want them, she let Bou sleep on one last night since he has been sleeping on a rigged up lawn chair a portable, adjusting bed.

– 4 –

 After spending the last few weeks trying to seal up every hole and crack I can find.  I went and cut 2 big ole gaping holes in the wall! What you crazy woman?!  I heard that.
See, the downside to sealing it all up is there is no ventilation thus no heat can escape and it takes most of the night to cool the house down.  When its 98 outside in the shade, its Hell Hot upstairs. 
So Thursday we went to Lowes expecting to get a window but they only carry white in stock.  Almond must be ordered.  And it takes 2-3 weeks!?  
This is my solution – Tada!

Ghetto, trashy, hillbilly – whatever you want to call it – it worked miracles!  Within an hour it was so cool in the house and has kept it that way!
Plus – we have views now!


Of course now I keep singing “I love the view from up here, warm sun and wind in my ear.  We’ll watch the world from above as we sing to the rhythm of love…”  I really do love the view!

– 5 –

This has been the project.  We have 3 rooms of stored stuff so I spent the first week separating the first 2 rooms – one room is “keep stuff to widdle down” sorted into piles – kitchen, living room, holiday decor, keepsakes.

Told you I was a tote fanatic.  That tower of red and green, yea, its just Christmas decor.  I realize I probably have to dwindle that drastically being we are 600 sqft and in the woods… not many places to put decor and nobody but us will see the outside stuff.

Keepsake, kitchen and living room – you can see my loved bedroom armour.
The other room has turned into the sell/give away room.  I have to change the light bulb before I can get a picture.
But this…  this room has been what I’ve been dreading.  Its the “last minute moving, just put it in there – move back and dig through for a year looking for various things” storage room.  In other words, its a big ugly mess.

You can’t see it, but there is a small path that zig zags around the room.  Ahem.
My plan was to start at the door and just dive in.
And after a few hours – this is where I ended up!  Much progress!

But this, this shocked me.

ALL of those totes and drawers are filled with arts and crafts stuff!!  I knew we had a decent amount, I just never thought it was this much!  Guess that’s what happens when in day to day life it is scattered about the house.
So far I have pulled out 3 trash cans full from the rooms.  Did you read that – not bags, CANS.  I mean, why did we even keep some of that crap?!  Of course, living in such a small space kind of makes you look at things with a much more brutal eye.  The mission continues the next week… or two…

– 6 –

I have to share these, just cause they were amazing!  We went to to the Grandparent-in-laws’s (is that what you say?) farm.  On the way back we had some storms brewing.  Not only were we getting closer but it was growing larger – we stopped and you could actually see it growing up.  Never ceases to amaze me.

– 7 – 

Saturday was forecasted to be a beautiful, cool morning – lows in the 60’s with low humidity yall! In June! Amazing!  We got up at 5am to finish the roof.  Got 3 sheets on and the generator stopped producing power. 
After the last 2 days, we just shook our heads, packed some stuff and decided to spend a few days at the in-laws.  It will give us a break from the off-grid drama and allow us to thoroughly research our options and where to go from here.  And work on a blog a bit of course 😉
Hope you have a Blessed Week and Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s!!
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7 Quick Takes – 6/16/2013 — 5 Comments

  1. oh no! I grew up in a house under construction. It seemed like things tended to pop up a lot. I promised myself I would never do it after watching my mother cry yet again over a leak, break, problem. Their house is done now though and beautiful. My favorite spot in that house under construction growing up was the attack window. I was so sad when they closed the attack off. I could sit for hours

    • The nice thing is, it comes in waves, with "recovery" breaks in between LOL Recently, power has been the recurring issue. Which has spurred us to complete the solar alternatives we have been putting off doing! There's always an upside 🙂

  2. Your baby girl is so cute and its so cool how similar all your children look, they all seem to have this bright-eyed sweetness. About the arts and craft stuff, I totally can relate! We just moved, and I had no idea I had amassed tubs worth of crafty things…As for the miscellaneous boxes, they fill my soul with cold dread. But I can't just torch them without opening them, because what if

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