The Metal Roof Goes Up!

Can I just say how incredibly blessed we feel?   I know we shouldn’t be, but we are both just so amazed at the people the Lord sets around us and how we come together.  Here is another example.  Not one, but two couples!, from church get why we are doing what we are doing. Course they are probably more qualified than we were going into this, seeing as how they actually have some building experience.  

So we all gathered at the oh-dark hour of noon – Mr., Papa, Mr. B and Mr. M – to get this thing done.

Yes, we realize we did it backwards, it was the best solution we had vs falling off the roof.  Do what ya gotta do to avoid hospital trips!

Thank you for the great company, helping and teaching us another skill!!  It was so very much appreciated!!

Doesn’t look soooo good!!!  LOVE LOVE!!

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