Everyday in May – Day 15 – A Photo an Hour

 Day 15 – A Photo an Hour

This is a placeholder page.  Until tomorrow.  Cause Blogger mobile stinks at inserting pics. But I promise, tomorrow I will have internet and get this blog all caught up.  Or at least mostly.

The day starts for me about 7:30 am.  The children usually sleep until about 8ish.  I use this time to listen to the quite before the chaos begins.

It gets going quick once the children wake up.  Breakfast has not even been had yet and we are riding bikes and playing basketball.

After breakfast, its chore time.  They are sorting laundry for our laundrymat visit.

Then its more “playtime” that mommy calls science.  Noting and comparing our seed growths and caterpillars.  And we found a turtle!

Then I got another Mommy of the Year award for running out of diapers.  Don’t judge.

After a trip to Kroger and a quick lunch, its quiet time for the Littles while the Middles play.  More bike riding and flower pickin.

During quiet time we decided it was to hot.  Into the house we went and fired up the generator.

The remainder of quiet time didn’t last long and we ran out of gas.  Sigh.

Dad got up, I forgot to take pics.  I remembered in time to finish out the night though!  Wednesday nights are church night for Bou.

The rest of the children and I head to McDonald’s to play.

We decided to have movie night in the truck after getting Bou from church cause we didn’t get more gas.  I know, way to go.  And since we watch movies on my phone, well obviously, I couldn’t take a pic.  We watched the Aristocats, so just imagine that on a 4.7 inch screen teetering precariously on the sunglasses holder. 

Mr. Littlest fell asleep in BabyGirl’s carseat.

We move everyone upstairs and its prayers and bedtime.  Whew!  

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