Every day in May – Day 9 – A Moment in Your Day

Day 9 – A Moment in Your Day

This morning, we were straightening the yard (can I even call it that yet?) When Mr. called.  ‘meet me at the shop’.  Loaded the children up and off we went.

You have to understand, I don’t ask ‘why’ very often with him.  He needed me to go there, the why doesn’t change anything.  And honestly, given past experiences, the why is either a lovely surprise…

Or something I probably don’t need the stress of worrying over for those few moments while in commute.

While not good news, it wasn’t horrible either.  Mr.’s truck broke down.  The something brake line…
Something.  It was an inexpensive fix and he wasn’t injured, so all is well in my world.

Love my fixer man!

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