Every Day in May – Day 8 – An Ounce of Advice

Day 8 – An Ounce of Advice

Oh what a loaded topic!  Just an ounce? Bou told me to keep it at an ounce and not give a pound…  like I talk to much or something…  ahem…

Anyway, my advice:

Just do something.

You have a dream, something you have always wanted to do, something the Lord has been pressing on your heart.  You don’t know how it is going to get done,  you don’t even really know what the first step should be.  Thats ok.  You don’t have to go all in on Day 1.  As abrupt and unplanned as our Leap of Faith was, there were little things that we had done previously to prepare for it, intentially or not.  And one day everything just kinda fell into place… in a totally different way.  Cause that’s how it works.

That’s my ounce of advice.   Do something, one small thing, every day or every week that advances your goal, your dream.  Learn about it, purchase something needed, research options, find someone who has done it.

Whats stopping you?

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