Every Day in May – Day 7 – The Things Your Most Afraid Of

So I found this blog hop a few days ago and thought it would be a fun change of pace. Of course I started blogging them on the computer. Tonight I realized duh! there’s no pics or links – I can blog these from my phone. I will upload the previous ones tomorrow. Off we go.

Day 7 – The Things Your Most Afraid Of

I started this post about a major fear of mine – spiders. Then I decided that was kind of a cheesy cop out.

It took about 2 seconds to figure out what to write about.

I have a fear of regret. More specifically, regretting not doing something. Like this house, this lifestyle. I could have lived my whole life, living life the “normal” way. But when I’m 70 and look back, would I regret not attempting this. Would I regret not following God’s prompting because of my fear and uncertainty? Would I regret or feel like I missed out on His intended blessings for our life because it went against the grain? I don’t want to be 60 or 80 and say “I wish I would have…”. So I swallowed my fear, followed my God and my husband and here we are on an amazing journey.

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