Every Day in May – Day 27 –A letter to your readers

Day 27 –A letter to your readers

Dear Readers,
First, I am so glad you have joined along our journey.  What an honor it is that you would spend moments of your life reading about our crazy one.  Or perhaps the ‘crazy’ part is why you read…    You know, like a train wreck you can’t help but look at.
Regardless, I hope it inspires you, encourages you and maybe gives you some motivation to get started on your own simplifying journey.  Even if it’s not to the extent we are doing. 
Because yall encourage me.  You motivate me.  Knowing there are others who are interested in our story inspires me in so many ways.  To push a little more, make just a little more progress, try to find solutions to those crazy problems that nobody thinks about when they say “hey lets go build a tiny offgrid house”.
It is not always an easy road to go against the grain.  People usually don’t know what to say or they are not exactly positive about it.  There are not many who have gone before to council and exchange ideas with.  It’s nice to find others who are there, want to be there, see the purpose, the motivation, behind the endeavor.  Take heart – we are a small but growing community, us Tiny Dwellers, Minimalists and … Back to Basic-ers (is that a term?  Eh, it works).   
The one shared element – we are all doing it in our own way.  Forging our own paths, for our own reasons, to varying degrees.  But we all started somewhere.  Some small step that turned into another, perhaps it started a snowball.  Perhaps it was just a bunch of small steps that, in hindsight, become a journey. 
If you haven’t already, I challenge you to take one step.  Think about what you really want.  Write it down.  Empty out a closet, one shelf at a time if necessary.  Watch a little less TV.  Build up a small garden bed.  Lower one bill, even if it’s only $5 – and designate that money to your dream, your passion.   We will be there cheering you on, just as yall do us! 
Much love!


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