Every Day in May – Day 25 – Something someone told you

Day 25 – Something someone told you about yourself that you will never forget (good or bad)
Ooh, this is another hard one.  Argh.  There are many things that people have said to me that stand out as defining moments.  Most of them not so good.  And frankly, those are ones that I do not want etched forever in the Blog world, let alone in our family memory book. 
Instead, something that every teacher said about me.  Every year.  Inevitable.  “She talks excessively”.  Seriously.  Every report card in the notes from kindergarten on.  It was probably a problem for them.  And probably why I excelled at oral classes and presentations (even if I didn’t prepare beforehand).  I like to talk.  I have always been opinionated.  I am a deep thinker that probably thinks too much and usually those thoughts have to go somewhere. I can’t just keep them all in my head!
Which is why a blog is so great!  I can talk to my heart’s content about whatever I have been pondering.  I don’t get in trouble for it and I give my poor husband’s ear a break. Win – win!
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