Every Day in May – Day 24 –Your top 3 worst traits

Day 24 –Your top 3 worst traits

Psht, worst traits?!  Haha That would be admitting I actually have worst traits.  Psht.  Silliness.   
Ahem.  Ok, so maybe I can think of a few…
Procrastination – I’ve discussed this one before.  It’s mostly an issue with perfection that feeds the procrastination and indecisiveness.
Taking control from God – He gives a bit of a break and I (once again) think “OK, I got it I think”.   Knowing full well He’s not going to fight me over it but will patiently wait until I hit bottom (again) and will gently remind me “When you’re ready I got this, remember.”
I had to ask Mr. for another one (see, what did I say earlier?!) and he reminded me of a big one.
I tend to panic – Tornado warnings and when my children get hurt specifically.  All reason and logic go out the window.  There is no “stay calm and do what needs to be done”.  I know, I know.  With 6 children and living where we have weekly tornado warnings during the spring, I should totally be over both, but I’m not.
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