Every Day in May – Day 23 – Things you’ve learned that school wont teach you

Day 23 –Things you’ve learned that school wont teach you.
How to budget
How to build anything besides a balsa wood car
Being popular means nothing after graduation
Being kind means everything
There is no “correct” answer to most questions
You will never use algebra in a way you learned it
Calculators are available on every phone
You will use them
Life isn’t fair
You will not always get picked – First or at all
Stars, let alone awards, don’t happen
Do your best anyway
It’s good to know your strengths and weaknesses
Its ok to not be good at every subject, you will likely choose an occupation based on what you are good at anyway
Essays are basically pointless
Unless you become a writer… Or a blogger…
Blogging is informal writing. See previous point
Your tasks, in life or at work, will not come with instructions.
You will have to sarch out answers and figure it out on your own.
Your friends will move on in life, your family will still be there
A glass of wine helps a lot of things
Carrying an egg around for a week is nothing like actually having a baby
Neither are the crying-put-a-key-in-their-back babies
Shakespeare is full of innuendos that make it interesting (and sometimes risque)
History is a lot more exciting when you get passed the dates and dive into the lives of the people
So is science when you find a topic you like
It’s ok to not conform, you might find your happiness


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