Every Day in May – Day 22 – Rant about something

Day 22 – Rant about something.  Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel

This one I knew was much to lengthy to write out on a phone, so I typed it out on the computer to upload today.  Hey, she said rant, just following the prompts.

I am a mama.  To many children.  Who have ears.  And they work just fine (to well at times).  I am amazed all the comments we (meaning me) get from people when we are out in public. And goodness knows, I have heard enough oh so original, quipy one liners!  And they change depending on who is with me, so I get quite a wide spread!

I know it’s because people feel like they need to say something, they think it’s being funny and original because they heard someone else say it once or twice (or even heard it themselves).  Surly they don’t mean it to be mean.  But really, in front of the children?  Not the best thinking there.  Because this is what children actually hear:

After having 3 girls and then Mr. Littlest “Finally got your boy!” is similar to “Are you going to try again for a boy?” – “You two middle girls are worth less and are only here because they were trying for a boy.” 
“Don’t you wish you would have stopped at {insert number, usually 2 or 3}!”  – “If I were you mom and dad, none of you other children would be here!” 
“Don’t you know what causes that?” is similar to the “You know how to fix that problem, right?” – “Children, your parents are stupid and haven’t figured out how you got here.  Or they don’t know how to stop having more problems called children.” 
“Oh you poor dear, pregnant during the summer!”  – “Children, your parents should have planned this pregnancy better because no woman should be pregnant during the summer… even though summer in the south lasts 6 months…”
“Just wait until they are {insert next stage – toddlers, grade schoolers, teenagers}!” – “Children, you are fine until you hit the age of your other siblings, then you and your parents will regret it!”
I’m sure some of yall have said these things and never thought of how the children interpret it.  We know (or hope at least) that you do not mean it maliciously, its just “something to say”.
But I’ll tell you what they LOVE to hear!  They love to hear that they are being big helpers.  They love the stories from older people about their own big families.  They especially love to hear about the joys from other grown children of large families.  They love to hear how children are a blessing.  
In other words – be kind, think it through and keep it positive if you must say something. 
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