Every Day in May – Day 13 – Issue a Public Apology

Issue a Public Apology

Edited to note:  The writing of this post was interrupted by sick children… One of which, in her sleeping state, attempted to find the edge of the bed where the bucket was… Taking the route over the baby.  Just pause and let that sink in for a moment. 


Think I’m excused.

My serious apology:

I would like to publicly apologize to a couple of groups.

First to the adults that were around for my teen years.  I’m sorry for the gray hairs.  I know I wasn’t a horrible teen, but I know I wasn’t exactly the easiest either.  I know I was the reason for hurt feelings, irritation, anger and on more than one occasion, all you could do was shake your head. I am happy to report that in my 20’s I was mostly able to work through those issues.  Thanks be to God. 

I would also like to apologize and say thank you to a small group of students.  You were never a group I called friends, thankfully not enemies either.  Actually, you were a group that spoke God’s Word to me even though I wasn’t in a place to actually hear it.  I apologize for my worldly responses to concepts I did not understand.  It was many years later, after our encounters, that your words would come back to me.  You planted a seed and when it was ready, it grew.  I pray that I am raising children who will be like you, Lights in the darkness.

My sarcastic apology:

I am soo sorry that I don’t fit into your neat little box.  I’m sorry I don’t buy what you sell without question.  Actually, even after I question and learn, I still usually decline your offer.  I may not choose the easiest path according to your definition but it is the path with trials and rewards that make the most sense to me.  It’s just how I roll.

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