Every Day in May – Day 12 – What do you miss?

What do you miss?

Now this is an easy peasy prompt!
I always miss the beach.
The sound of the waves.
The smell of the ocean. 
The view.
The reminder that I am so small but I still mean the world to my family and my God.
I miss driving around with no destination.
Spontaneous (inexpensive) weekend trips.
$1 gas
Shoot, $2 gas
I miss finished floors that are easy to clean.
White walls.
A place for everything.
A flush potty.  Desperately.
Pool parties.
A couch.
I miss my husband when he’s at work.
Quite when the children are full of energy.
Their noise when they are asleep.
The smell of a newborn.
And after freshly baptised.

And that took all of like 10 minutes with awake children!

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