Every Day in May – Day 10 – Tell Your Most Embarrassing Moment

Day 10 – Tell Your Most Embarrassing Moment

I thought this would be an easy one.  Lord knows I’ve had plenty of awkward moments… but after thinking all day, I still cant think of an embarrassing moment!  I know, can you imagine?!  Instead, I came to the conclusion that 1) I shelter myself so much so I don’t embarrass myself or 2) I just don’t get embarrassed easily.
My teen years were full of awkwardness and Reason #1 for sure. I mostly tried to not stand out.  You know, not do or say anything silly or weird, anything to make a fool of myself.  I was a very, very self-conscious teen.  And the things that I did do, I’m obviously incredibly good at blocking out.
Then I had children… and well, lets be honest, children just do things that embarrass their parents.  Knowing that going in, I haven’t let their lovely comments and actions get to me. Hence,  reason #2.  
Sorry to disappoint Lol
Updated a week later:  I thought of something!!!!  Pictures of me from the ages of about oh, 11 until 16.  I would rather burn them all if it wasn’t for the historical factor.  It’s when my hair turned curly – and I had no clue how to do anything with it.  It was just a constant mess in varying ‘fro states.  Bad.  No, I will not post pictures.  Mostly because I seriously don’t own any.  Not sure which is worse – the pictures or not having any to show my children…
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