Every Day in May – Day 1 – Story of Your Life

I found out about this Blog Roll from a fellow blogger and thought it would be a fun challenge.  Blog Every Day in the Month of May.  It’s just a way to get back to basics, blog without looking for those perfect posts.  Some of these might even be neat for the children to read back on.  The best part Besides – a whole month of topics that I don’t have to think up!  Sold!  Here we go.
Day 1 – The story of your life in 250 words or less
I was born on December 19, 1980.  I am the only child of divorced parents.  My mama remarried when I was 6, later giving me a sister 7 years my junior.  My father remarried when I was 9, adding a step-sister 2 years my senior.  I am a Military Brat through and through.  I spent a little over a decade growing up in So Cal with my mama, spending my summers in San Antonio.  We moved to Arkansas at the age of 12.  I went to 9 different schools, in 6 different school districts.  I always sucked at being the new kid.    At 14, my husband and I became friends and soon started dating.  We had our first child, and later married, at 17 and 18.  I modeled for a few years and was faced with a decision.  Obviously, I chose family.  At 19, I started searching for the Lord.  It took me a couple of years to make the heart decision, finally deciding to live for Him at the age of 21.    We quickly added our second child and I became a Stay at Home Schooling Mom.   Every 21 months to 3 years since, we have been given a new Blessing.  At 23, we officially married in the Church.  Our fourth child was born with multiple heart defects (ASD, VSD and CoArc).  All were found and repaired at 12 weeks old.  We have since been given 2 more Blessings.  And found ourselves on this path towards simplicity.
(Wow that was a lot harder than I thought it would be!  Word count: 248! BAM!)
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