A country mouse I am not

I am not a country mouse.  I would like to state that.  Again. In case you haven’t been around long enough to hear me say it once… or twice.  And if you are squeamish, I would suggest skipping this post.
The last 24 hours was one of THOSE Days.  Let me set the scene. 

It was hot.  It was bedtime.  Upstairs we go, watch a little TV and turn off the generator.  About an hour later I woke up worried the Littles were too hot.  Thank goodness I got up!  Took the blanket off of them and found this:

Crawling in between them ON THEIR BED!!!  I’m not ashamed.  I grabbed a shoe, held it on until Bou could find a cup and proceeded to say things that would make a sailor proud.

After safely transporting the arachnid outside to the porch to await its homeschool project fate, it was quickly decided by the now awake children that the truck was safer.  After checking the pillows and blankets, everyone settled back to sleep.  Except me of course.  Cause sleeping in a truck is not high on my list of comfortable places to sleep.  And the baby didn’t like it much either.

We woke up with the only intention of completely tearing apart the house, vacuuming every inch and sealing every crack we can find.  I cannot have bugs in my house.  Especially those kinds of bugs.  Period.  I just can’t do it. 

After almost finishing downstairs, Missy screams BEE!  I kill it.  And see a walking stick on the same window.  Blood pressure raises more but I’m still in the “I’m ok” range.  In the next 10 minutes, we see no less than 10 more bees IN THE HOUSE!  I take a pic of the bees and send it to Mini, who is also a bee man.  He says we likely have a swarm looking for a new home.  Uh, not in my house!

It’s Seek and Destroy time.  Pull Bou in from his project – all hands on deck NOW.  With everyone armed with a can of spray foam, off we go in search of every nook and cranny.  We also found a wasp nest in an eve.  Not happy.

When he finally shows up, he checks in the eve we saw them swarming earlier.  Nothing.  

 But suddenly we hear a rabbit crying.  And find a king snake eating a baby bunny!  Mini removes the snake (but not before showing the children the bump in the belly) –

Mr. checks and finds a rabbit had made a burrow by the shower stall!  

A lovely discussion then begins about the sad fate of the baby bunny, snakes and life.  As sad as it was, it is the circle of life after all.  (As of the next morning the babies are gone.  I am saying the mama came back and got them, I don’t want to think the alternative.)

I am reminded again of how much of a city mouse I am and how difficult mentally this country life is.  I have gotten better.  I no longer freak every time I see a spider, so long as it’s small and it’s not in my house.  And if it’s outside I don’t chase it down with spray anymore.  I don’t squeal every time a grasshopper shows up inside.

But a country mouse, I am not.

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