7 Quick Takes – 5/23/2013

 – 1 –

Starting off on a good note!  Our little skinny mini Missy had her yearly cardiology visit.  And she is good for another year!!  YAY!!  Next year we will have more in-depth testing to check her possible problem areas.  I am still believing that God has fixed it completely. 

Thankfully she is old enough – No more torture device!! I love this picture – just shows how far we have come.  Love.

– 2 –

Now the bad note – the generator died.  Like needs major repair died.  All I know is I turned it on late one night to check the radar when some nasty storms were coming through.  Not 5 minutes later, the loudest metal POP ever and dead.  When I went out to look, it was smoking.  Sigh.  The generator repair places all have a turn around of 4-8 weeks.  Double sigh.  A good friend is letting us borrow theirs for now, whew!  The decision has been put off long enough – go ahead and try to get grid power or just go solar.  Why does it feel like being a sell out to go the easy route?!

 – 3 –

We had a blast at the crawfish boil!  The children ran and ran and ran… and then totally crashed.  Good day! 

See this pic??  Yea, he hates photos.  EVERY solo pic I have of him is blurry or his tongue is stuck out.  So fine, if that’s how he wants to be photographed, its how it shall go in the memory books.  

Our first feel of grass.  Probably sad huh??

– 4 –

BabyGirl is 7 months old… and figured out how to pull herself up!  The crib has been up for one week – ONE WEEK!  And she’s figured this out already.  Sigh.  (PS – sorry for the blinding pic below, I didn’t see that before the upload).

– 5 –

Speaking of pics of BabyGirl – she is so particular!  This is what she does after about 5 minutes in the newly set up crib:
Pick her up and place her 3 feet away on the futon and this is the result:

Happy.  As.  Can.  Be!  She is so funny.

– 6 –

Shockingly, I got nothing else.  I know weird huh!?  But we are at a family get together, and I am being unsociable mooching internet to update the blog…  sooo, I don’t have much time to think.

– 7 – 

 Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!  
Let’s remember those families who are having a BBQ without their loved one so we can have one with ours.
Thank you {3>

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