7 Quick Takes 5/17/2013


 – 1 –

That’s BabyGirl and Mr. Littlest talking.  She found her voice this week.  And of course it goes like this:  ah la la gla gla da da da da.  Which of course means she’s calling for daddy.  Mr. Littlest happily talks back, repeating her.  Which both find hilarious.
– 2 –
I may or may not have taken the children at 8:30 at night to play at the McD Playland and stayed until 10:30 while I blogged on one of the girls tablets.  (Isn’t that what the other mama’s were doing??)  Furthermore, I may or may not have loaded them back into the truck and upon hearing the almost instant quiet, decide to blog on the laptop until a little after 11… when McD turned the Wi-Fi off.
– 3 –
Don’t worry, Karma got back at me.  Of course they were out of sanitizer wipes.  Even after I asked for some.  I then made the desperatehorrid mistake of putting the baby in a highchair without a cover… yea, you know what’s coming.  Of course the child that was in it previously had a stomach bug.  That promptly went through all of our children.  Stomach bugs while camp living sucks.  Oh, they refilled the wipes as we were leaving.  On the flip – it took just over a year for us to face this dilemma.
– 4 –
I’m really enjoying this Blog Every Day in May Challenge over at Story of My Life The Blog.  Even though it’s kind of challenging.  I’ve never blogged this often.  Ever.  A lot of her prompts are really making me think!  
– 5 –
Missy here and her book.  It’s the scrapbook I started while in the hospital for her ‘broken heart’.  We have looked at this book at least once a day since she was able to carry it.  Since it is stored safely at Nana’s for now, as soon as we walk through the door, off she goes to get it.  Just tickles me!
– 6 –
 Mr. and Bou making a jig to hold cans for Bou’s project tomorrow…  One is teaching building skills, one is teaching patience.  I’ll let you decide which is which.

– 7 – 
Here’s a bit of God’s humor.  
So tomorrow we are invited to a Crawfish Boil.  It‘s a southern thang yall.
Backstory:  For years and years and years, we have gone to an annual crawfish boil put on by some old friends.  Now you don’t go to eat, although that is certainly a big part.  You go to hang out with friends.  All day.  And usually into the night.  Well two years ago those friends got a divorce.  
Fast forward: New friends from our Church Life Group have an Annual Crawfish Boil.  Aww, how sweet! 
This is where God’s humor comes in.  They call it the “Eagles Nest Crawfish Boil”.  The first church Mr. got excited about was Summit formally known as Eagles Nest.
Yea, He’s funny like that. 

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