7 Quick Takes – 5/10/2013


 – 1 –


Me: Maybe we can just take like $500 and hire day workers to clear all these trees, finish digging the rocks, just get this stuff knocked out in a day or two…  Wonder if I just call a temp agency. 
Girly:  Why don’t we just take the $500 and buy a day laborer?
Me: Because you cant buy people.
Girly: But you can rent them… {Questioning look}
Me: Well yea, kinda.
Girly: {Pondering} So people that adopt are just renting the children?  The parents have to pay money.
Me: No, the children become theirs.  They pay money to the state, sometimes adoption agencies, to lawyers…
Girly: So they buy the children.
Me: {Trying to figure out what to say}
Bou: So if you pay the state and a lawyer its legal, but if you pay the parent directly you go to jail?
Me:  {Thinking} Um… Yea, I got nothing… 
How children think.

– 2 –

Cutting metal roofing is so not as easy as “oh, just cut it with some tin snips”.  Or maybe it is for guys that have mucho experience.  Cause I’m here to tell you it’s harder than that.  The chalk like doesn’t snap cleanly, the ridges are really awkward and tin snips are made for (bigger) guy hands.  I can’t get them open enough to cut more than a tiny bit and after one sheet my hands were so sore.  There has to be a trick to it.  Thankfully, after I got half of them cut Mr. woke up and finished them off.  Lord help us if we have to rip them lengthwise!

 – 3 –

Is it bad that I get a kick when people find out we live tiny.  While I know it’s not technically defined in the “tiny” house range (that’s usually reserved for homes under 500 sqft), those homes are usually for a single or small family.  I feel we de facto qualify – a family of 8 who lives in ¼ the space of an average American home with 4 occupants. 

Course most people think they misheard when I say “600 square feet”.  Six-TEEN-hundred, well with 8 people it probably isn’t big enough…  No, SIX hundred… and give it a moment to sink in.  Is that twisted?  Hrm, probably. 

I just really really can’t wait to get to the finishing stages.  Not just cause it will be finished (Glory Glory!) but also because we will be able to show people that with a little bit of planning you really can live a comfortable life in small spaces – even with children.

– 4 –

 Mr. Littlest was being a bit of a rat one day.  So I sent him out to help brother.  He actually liked that idea – ran out of the house excited and went at it.  Haven’t decided if his new love is a good thing or not…


It occurred to me also this week – the Mr. Littlest only knows off-grid living.  Think about that for a moment… and now I understand why he is the way he is…

– 5 –

BabyGirl growing up.  She is sitting all by herself, rolling over, scooting (I’m sticking to the idea that it is unintentional TYVM!).  Then someone says “Aww, she will be crawling and walking soon”.  Instant. Panic. Attack.  Our house is not “Crawler” ready!  Yup, time to readjust goals STAT.   
BTW – this is her first time in a highchair.  At 6 months old… in the McD’s playland… while the other’s played… and mommy blogged on the Girl’s tablet.  Isnt that what all the other moms are doing too??

– 6 –

How do you keep children occupied all week??   
$5 in paint, a bag of 30 cheap paintbrushes – and an infinite supply of canvases!  They will paint away… and mama will decide to use them to make a flower bed border with them cause they can’t stay on the porch!
 And $2 in bubbles.  Blowing bubbles before breakfast – go for it!
 – 7 – 

And we were blessed with another way to entertain the children!!  Whoo hooo!!  Thank you!!!

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