To the Zoo!

Thursday was a beautiful day.  Low wind, beautiful temp.   I was totally out voted.  Instead of working on the garden build again, the children really wanted to go to the zoo.  All work and no play and all.  Off we went.

Mr. Littlest and the Penguin that followed him.  Upon pointing it out to Mr. L, he ever so sweetly says “Well, hi there Little Buddy”.  Yea, he likes Penguins now.

I bet the folks that made these Face In Holes thought they were doing good putting 3 holes in. Haha!  We still get to take 2 pictures to get everyone!

Remember Mr. Littlest comparison thing – Slow like an Elephant or Fast like a Cheetah.  He was so beyond thrilled to see them both!  He was equally as upset to see the cheetahs were actually not being “fast like a cheetah”.  He didn’t care that they just finished lunch and were lounging around.  Nor did he care that they really don’t have the space to run like that.  Broke. His. Heart.  Poor boy. 

Missy finally got to see her Giraffe up close and personal, liking a wall for some reason.  (Remember, the giraffe in Texas had died and had not been replaced when we were there.)  

 The other highlight was the Silverbacks – complete with the same big ole daddy that has been there forever.  And mama carrying around her nursling! 

 The Chimps were entertaining.  We labeled them based on behavior.  Toddler was hitting Dad with a mat, Dad took away the mat – Toddler ran inside… and got Mama (Tattle tale!).  He walked with her, arm around her hip.  Toddler played in the dirt a bit.  Then saw Grandpa…  Toddler found a stick.  Climbed up to where Grandpa was.  You could actually see their thoughts – Toddler contemplating poking, Grandpa almost daring him.  Grandpa won when Toddler went in with the lunge… and failed.   Gramps took the stick and threw it down.  Toddler found another, broke it, went in for the lunge again… fell and quickly ran to Mama. Yup, just like our family.   

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