Power struggles

Power yall.  Everyone keeps stressing about power.  Grid electricity to be precise.
Yup, it came up again.
I understand their concern.  I really, truly do.
It would make life SOO much easier, no doubt!
No generator needed.  On demand lights, power for the phones, toaster oven.  Not to mention drills and saws.  And oh golly – heat and air!!!  (Room sized, not central.)  Certainly much cheaper than gas for the generator.
Yet I can’t help but think – if I break down and agree, what are we compromising.  Even if we add on solar (and wind?), will we still be true to the goals, to the idea of being self-sustained?  Will we allow the accessibility of on-demand power have authority over how we live and lose some (if not most) of the simplicity we are after?  Would alternative power stay a high priority or keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list?
Then I think I am being silly.  Life simply is easier with grid power.  We have been a year off grid.  Am I just being stubborn, even being too demanding of the family by wanting to remain so?  Am I depriving the children somehow.  Haven’t we done this off grid thing enough, why continue with the challenges when it is so easily remedied – is it time to make some things just a little easier?
Or maybe I just analyze things too much.
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