Pipes and Wires – I got this

This running electric and plumbing is gonna be the thing that does me in, I’m here to tell ya.  And with Mr. working 80+ hours a week (Thank you Lord!!), either I figure it out or I pay someone to do it.   
Knowing how much they charge per hour…  yea, I’m going to figure it out.
Which is funny because nothing in this build has stressed me in quite the same way.  The kitchen design does, but in a different way.  We can build the basic setup and live with it for a while before finishing it. If I don’t like the way it is designed we can change it rather easily. 
But running pipes and wires – behind the walls! – is a whole nother thing.  Cause messing that up = disasters.  If I drill the holes in the wrong place in the studs there is no fixing it.  The “water in” part I get, the “water out” part I get – it’s the venting.  Then there is the wiring – like where to put the breaker box so we don’t have to run a million wires around in a funky way but not look bad on the outside (like with wires coming to the front porch!).
Maybe it’s a me thing, maybe it’s because I’m a girl and we are not as mechanically inclined.  I can’t 
visualize it, just can’t wrap my mind around it.
And you would think being so small would make it easier!  There is only one wall that all the plumbing is on.  And how many outlets do you really need in a tiny house?  But I’d rather have enough for what we need, where we need it and not have to run power strips.  Add in what code says we have to have, we probably have more outlets than necessary.
So I started backwards. 
Using masking tape, I taped out the pipes – in, out, main vent placement.  For the wires, I got the electrical boxes and again using masking tape to label, put them where I want them.  Then I made a diagram on paper. 
From here, I make my plan – using many colored pencils.  Cause that’s the only way I can make sense of it.
And it is starting to, I think. 
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