Happy Half-Birthday BabyGirl!

PunkinGirl 6 months old!!  Where is the time going?

She likes sitting, prefers standing/jumping (if your holding her, the bouncers last for a few minutes at best).  Honestly, she always wants to be held.  By anyone.  All the time.  Which of course, I usually happily oblige.  She goes from laughing happily to crying mad in oh, about 2.3 seconds – even though nobody from Church believes she ever cries.

How does such a little person take up half the bed?  Like this of course!

In the last week, decided that tummy time doesn’t require screams and tears.  Its actually kinda fun.

Has to scoot down to kick the floor.

Let me re-phrase that.  She has to scoot to kick something.  At Life Group, she scooted off her mat so she could kick Mrs. O’s feet… After a few minutes I put her back on the mat.  Where she promptly scooted over to kick Mr. B’s feet.  At night in the bed, she will turn sideways just so she can kick one of us. Thanks Love.

Her little arms dont quite allow the “hands on hips attitude” to show just yet.

Or crossed arms.

And she doesn’t cry with Poppy anymore!  Yay!!
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