7 Quick Takes – 4/6/2013

– 1 –
Apparently The Dog has decided that the denim insulationmakes for a great bed.  Mighty expensive dog bedding but at least it’s safe to lay on I suppose.
– 2 –
We were recently told that coyotes are called Singing Dogs here in the south. Mr. Littlest has determined that coyotes say “arh arh arhhoooo bang arh arh arh arh” and it is not in fact, singing.  In case you didn’t get that, someone shot at them.  They didn’t hit any.  We have heard when one got shot and wowee do they go mad!   
Then it occurred to me – we have been here for a year and never once did we hear them while we were in the tents. Not one time.  It wasn’t until the end of summer that we heard them the first time.  And we can tell the warmer days because it is a guarantee to hear them.  I am chalking it up to the Lord for keeping them away and thus not freaking me totally out when we first started camping.
 – 3 –
I finally did it.  I opened all those boxes of tiles we were donated when we first started this project.  I decided it was ok since we are so close to that stage I could start figuring patterns/style out.  
 – 4 –
 Oh my, oh my!  I *love* these!!   
And I am pretty sure I can totally make them work for my beachy themed house in the south!  Get this!  My fav of all – we need 25 square feet to do the bathroom floor, we have enough for 20.  Yay!!  I figure after doing a border of some sort it will be just perfect.  
Oh my – how do you coordinate pieces and make it all go together?! #minifreakout
– 5 –
 We got started on the solar batch water heater.  And if it wasn’t for 3 days of cold rain this week, it probably would have been done already.  Mother Nature wins again.  
– 6 –
And since this has turned into “7 Quick Takes – Building Edition” I’ll go ahead and continue the trend.   
It took 4 weeks but we finally got estimates for the roof.  I don’t understand why, but for some reason I couldn’t get anyone to call me back, let alone come out.  But it isn’t just me.  My sister-in-law said she called all the same companies and only got a few to call her back as well.  And like me, it was only after calling multiple times.   
I guess it was all for naught anyway since the truck repair took most of the roof fund.  After a pep talk from a church friend and an offer to help I got to thinking maybe we really can do it.  It would be the last time for me to have to sit on the ground constantly praying for my guys.  I set to work pricing the metal roof for a DIY and was shocked!  The metal is just $250, plus trim and edging – total just under $1k..  The estimates we got ranged from $2700-$5300!!!  Oh. My. Word!   
The guy at the metal roof shop reinforced our ability.  Amusingly asked “Do you have internet?  Go to YouTube and Google.”  If he only knew this IS the house that YouTube and Google built!   As I type this, Mr. is on YouTube’ing how to do another project. 
– 7 –
And of course, after seeing how cheap metal roofing really is, my mind got to going… what else can we do with it??  Raised beds?  Chicken coop?  Quick tool shed to replace our quickly deteriorating tool tent?  Bike garage?  Oh yea, my mind is going.  Bonus – the more roofs we have, the more water we can collect!  Hrm, wonder if we can use them to DIY cisterns…
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7 Quick Takes – 4/6/2013 — 2 Comments

  1. You can save a lot from DIY roofing, but it is always more convenient to let skilled roofing contractors to do it for you. You may need to stretch your budget, but it comes with the assurance of quality service. If you still want to do it on your own, equip yourself with safety gear and knowledge on how to do the roof installation properly.

    • I understand your interest 🙂 And perhaps, had we had the extra $3k we may have hired it out simply to keep Mr. and Bou off the roof… but likely we would have just finished the house with that money LOL Truly it wasn't difficult, couple days leisurely work and looks beautiful <3

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