7 Quick Takes – 4/14/2013

 – 1 –

Look what we have! Who hoo! Two 350 gallon, 1 250 gallon and 2 55 gallon barrels! Over 1,000 gallons of rainwater storage – given to us free!  What a blessing!! Perfect timing as well!  Monday we order the metal roof, pick it up Friday and hopefully start the install next weekend.  Oh yea, so, so excited!  (Sidenote: Yes, I know about the contents, it was soap, but I don’t think it really matters anyway, its just flushing a potty.  Right?)

– 2 –

Our first severe weather of the season produced somewhere around 5 inches rain in a few hours. Our “dry creek turned babbling brook” turned into a raging river, running *over* the drive. Cra-zy. Happy to report, it held up very well to the raging river.

 – 3 –

And y’all, just like that – spring sprung! The entire forest popped green just that quick.  Spring always reminds me of God’s promises and blessings after the dreariness of winter.  Everything springing back to life, the gray days are replaced with lots of sunny ones.  His gentle reminder that everything, good and bad, are only for a season.  Oh, love!

– 4 –



 And of course spring means that summer is just around the corner.  Glee!
We got BabyGirl some flip flops a few months back.  Figuring she would turn 6 months during spring (in 12 days actually), I got 3-6 month – and she still has not grown into them!  So when we saw these (in 0-3 months!) and they fit.  The girls decided it wasnt fair that she was the only one without flip flops and they were on sale.  So, after 6 children, I purchased our first pair of baby shoes.
And they are too cute if I do say.















– 5 –

 See this sand pile:

Its at Mr.’s work.  The younger ones saw it during the week the truck was in the shop when we had to take Mr. to work.  It was the coolest thing to them.  Mr. Littlest asked everytime if he could use the tractor to build a giant sandcastle.  
Mr. earned rockstar status when one day he said “Go play in the sand”.
And then the rocks…

And even more rocks…

And make rock angels.

Yea, dad’s a rockstar!

– 6 –

Wash day at the homestead.  Boiling water on the rocket stove.  Washing socks with the plunger washer.  And of course, dishes.  Before you think I am some super mom – this is the first time we’ve done it like this!  And after this chaos, not likely to happen often either.  Then it occurred to me – if I can get the plumbing/rainwater hooked up this week, a washing machine is totally doable!  It would be the first time in 4 years we have had a washer in our house!  The pressure is so on…


– 7 –

We got the last piece of the plumbing holdup (well besides the pipe fittings).  A bathtub!!  After waiting and searching Craigslist and the local area for seconds, we finally just decided to purchase one at the box store.  If I am going to spend that much for a second, I may as well get a new one that I really want.  After comparing and discussing, I’m feeling pretty good with the choice.  It is a soaker tub that I have really been pining for!

All that OSB – yea, at 7:30pm, with headlamps donned, Mr. and Papa turned it into:

A porch roof!!!!  YAY YAY YAY!
Things are moving along!

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