Labor of Love

I’m still curious how a “hey dad, let’s celebrate Mr. getting a new job with a Starbucks” turned into a 4 hour Lowe’s trip – with all the children – and the materials to build a porch roof, among things.
Not that I am complaining at all!  Just strange how that evolved somehow.

Regardless, the mens spent their Saturday building said porch roof.

It was looking kind of questionable if finishing would be accomplished that day.

Guess they decided they were too close to call it quits – out came the headlamps and the trucks headlights. 

This is what I managed to get done…  don’t get to excited! 

 We are truly blessed with family willing to help in so many ways.  But this, today, just touched me differently.  A couple of weeks ago, another tiny house builder – Sicily @ La Petite Maison, a sweet 12 year old lady – tragically lost her dad before the build really got going.  Her uncles stepped up to help by building the walls with her and her mom.  When she finishes it, I know it will be extra special to her.  Not just because of accomplishing her goals but mostly, I think she will always remember her daddy and those that stepped in to help her complete their dream. 
 As I sat there amongst the chaos of the children and the roar of the generator, I kept drifting to how blessed we are, how much we have to be thankful for.  We have so many loved ones around us that have contributed in one way or another.  Some, like my mom and dad, have put in a lot of blood and sweat – they have literally helped us build the roof over our head.  Some have given shelter.  Some have given donations.  Some have given things to make our journey a bit easier.  Some have simply encouraged.   Without any of them, and God’s grace, we would not be where we are today.  
 Their love and sacrifices will forever be surrounding us through our Tiny House.  Thank you will never be enough.

Edited to add a day time picture:


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