Head to explode in 3… 2…

I understand why people don’t build their own homes.  Why they hire a contractor.  And why that contractor subcontracts everything out.
It is enough to completely rattle your brain!  
Options, costs, how to’s, codes (federal, state and local – cause they all gotta have their hand in it).  
Not that it isn’t possible to be done.  Obviously, thousands of people have done it.  
But then I see a friend of ours – having his house built for him.   
Granted, he is paying way more than we are.  I can’t help but be just a little envious of the ease on the other side – he just says “This is what I want” and it magically gets done.  
Then I snap back to reality.  
Either way we have to pay – either we pay with our time researching, learning and doing or we pay with our time by going to work and paying another bill.  And I remember a huge reason why we are doing this.  
And I face all these rules and regulations just a little easier – it has to be done.  The toilet has to be 18” from the rim of the tub and 13.5” from the wall….  an outlet every 6 feet… on and on… 
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