Happy 60th Anniversary!

Mr.’s grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this week.  They wanted it to pass without any fan fair.  Sister-in-law and I decided that’s just not right!  *60* YEARS yall!  That doesn’t happen all the time!!

We surprised them with a cake, food and almost all of their decedents (we were missing 2 cousins).  For a wonderful day enjoying each other and celebrating the legacy they have built.

Think about it for a minute – they married in 1953, born during the Great Depression, the first to hear Rock and Roll – can we say Poodle Skirts!!  Raising children during the Swinging 60’s and the “me decade” of the 70’s.  Just thinking of all the history they have experienced together…  #Love

Two of my sister-in-laws and Mr.’s aunt sang Amazing Grace to them.  That was the song Grandma wanted because “it is only by the Grace of God that we are here” (referencing their 60 year marriage).

Being at the farm means lots of Rhino riding…

And fishin’…

And hanging out.

This is the first time Poppy was able to hold BabyGirl and her not scream!  We have no idea why she would holler but she would.  This time she even smiled at him!

Cousin love.

Mr. Littlest was not a fan of the loud rhino…

Before we left, the girls, who had been practicing all week, sang Taylor Swifts “Our Song” to their Great Grandparents.  #SoSweet

I see where Grammy gets some of her tendencies from.  We could not keep Grandma out of the kitchen – trying to help cook or clean up.  She just can’t sit still she said. 

It was a very good day indeed!

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