Driveway Fix Attempt 2

 Just a refresher of what it looked like and what we went through last week:

It rained… again… and we had a similar mess to deal with.  With Mr.’s new job though we have access to materiel that is good for driveway base.  Yay!  So we had to prep it.  After filling most of the ruts in, and driving over in attempt to pack it down, we ended up with big ruts again.  That truck just weighs a ton!  Bou had the idea of using a leftover utility pole to compact it.  Oh yea, had to get pictures.

Since we don’t have culvert and needed an instant fix, I got to thinking…  we do have a bunch of black PVC pipe that we got for free and can’t use anywhere else… 

Mr. brought out a trailer of about 3,000 pounds of the material.  Read that again.  Brought out a *trailer full*.  Do you know what that means??  It means manual labor – shovel full by shovel full.  While the boys were shoveling, I built up walls of rock.

Papa showed up and enlisted Missy to help “pack” the dirt.

Almost finished product:

We will need more as it packs down but it looks like it should hold for what we need.  At least so far it is holding. {Fingers crossed}

Updated months later – this fix actually did very well for a long while… until we had to have a rollback come and get our truck… and it went a bit off to the side… crushed the pipe and knocked down part of the rock wall.   Moral of the story – if you are going to have huge heavy trucks drive over it, it won’t last long.  Sigh.  Attempt 3 here we come.

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