Clay + driveways = disasters

Let me just tell you what red clay soil and 2 inches of rain in a week does.
Actually, they say a picture is worth 1000 words.  Here ya go:
It makes you spend all day messing with 10 feet of your 600 foot driveway.  Because not being able to pass that 10 foot area is not an option.  
So you work.  For an hour.   In a soupy mess the consistency of wet oatmeal (or concrete knowing how hard clay dries).   
And you find a sinkhole with your foot, lose balance and your other foot gets stuck in the mess.  
  In your favorite Puma’s because you don’t own anything other than fashion boots so had to wear tennis shoes.    
You cry, your oldest son laughs at you.  No, not ‘with’ you, ‘at’ you.
Then drive over it, thinking it was fixed well enough. Feel the truck slide.  And get stuck. 
After rocking it a few times, you get unstuck, decide since you are already over there, may as well go to the grocery store.  Maybe it will dry out some while you are gone – it is a beautiful day in the 60’s with a decent wind blowing. 
Only to get stuck on the way back.  Like sudden stop stuck.  Like spend an hour digging the tires out to get unstuck.  Putting even more huge ruts in the soupy mess (that funny enough just stays, not sliding back down to fill in said rut, must be the clay…)
Then spend another hour fixing the new ruts!
Seriously!  That’s it!  I need a bridge.  Oh except I would need to contact some government agency that oversees every single bridge – even a 10 foot bridge on private property.  Sigh.
And it supposed to rain again tonight… welcome to spring on a new homestead.
On the bright side – pun intended – we got some solar powered landscape lights during our Lowes trip.  Wow!  They came in a 3 pack so we used one to light up the front steps, one downstairs and one upstairs.  They are not “you could do embroidery” bright but they are plenty bright to see what you are doing.  Yay!  Lights that don’t require the generator or batteries! Bonus: they come on when it gets dark!
Ok, and I will admit, I got some joy out of the total confusion on the associates face.  Hey, he asked what we needed it for.  I was just being honest when I said “to light inside the house”.   😉

Edited later to note:
It seems a lot of people have clay driveway issues.  Least that’s that the google search tells me.  Behold – our next cheap fix attempt Driveway Fix Part 2


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Clay + driveways = disasters — 5 Comments

    • Oh my word, I couldn't imagine! No engines to do the heavy pushing/pulling – whew! We are slowly getting a gravel/sand mixture for the driveway. Eventually (hopefully) we will pave/concrete most of it – it has gotten so bumpy LOL

  1. love your blog live in a condo right now. Loooooong set of circumstances 🙂 Praying for a house with our own 4 walls. I DO not know if you will see this but when we had a driveway that needed gravel and such we talked to cal trans and every company that had any thing to do with roads they would bring us the shortages or black top and gravel they would have to throw away many time we would get

    • Ooh we will be praying with you for your own set of walls 😀 Just keep chuggin' along, you'll get there! 😉 That is a great idea!!! I will call around after the holidays – that would be just wonderful!! Thank you 😀

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