7 Quick Takes – 3/3/2013

 – 1 –

Is this not the prettiest?!  

We serve such an amazing God!!

As of last Thursday, we are “sede vacante” (vacant see), pope-less.  Pope Benedict XVI resigned citing health reasons.  First Pope in over 600 years to resign.  Strangely, this one didn’t make me as sad as when John Paul passed.  Probably because John Paul was the only Pope I had ever know, the one I grew up with, the one that was there while I made my way back to the Church, there was a long and deep connection there. 

We are in prayer with the Church during the conclave.

– 2 –

This has got to be the neatest restaurant we have been to!!  It’s called All-Aboard.  

If you couldn’t make it out, this is how it goes.  You walk in and order, they give you a boarding pass to swipe at your table.  Then two by two (by two by two in our large order case) the meals are delivered by the train that wraps around the restaurant.  How sweet is that!!

 – 3 –

This little conductor boy was absolutely in love that a train brought our food!!  (Yes, he is going through a love of trains.)

– 4 –

This pile:
 is finally being sorted and used or gotten rid of.  
Funny, during our breaks, the birds came out of nowhere to eat the grubs and worms.  The prettiest, brightest colored (Western we learned) bluebirds that I have seen in my life!  Seriously, they were like a bright, neon blue.  And of course I totally couldn’t get a picture of one.

We figured the boards that were crumbling as we picked them up were probably unusable… so  they met their fate in a blazing inferno.

And after another few hours of work, that area will be cleared for parking! Yay!

– 5 –

 We redid our sleeping quarters a few weeks back, lining the blankets with those mylar emergency blankets.  The theory was that it would reflect the heat from the heater and our body heat back down…

I’ll be honest, I don’t know how much it helps, I tell myself it at least stops/slows the air flow from outside.  But at least everyone laughs about our “anti-mind reading room” – no tin foil hats needed!!

– 6 –

This “dry creek” has surprised us a couple of times over the last few months.  But this.  This is just craziness!  After just a couple of days of spring rains, this is the mess we are left with.

Do you see how deep those ruts are?!  Oh. My. Word.  Its got to be bad when the Excursion slides all over the place.  Then I wonder how we’re supposed to fix it…?!?! 

– 7 – 

How to keep 4 children occupied for hours:
Connect both girls tablets to Wifi while at Grammy and Poppy’s house.
Setup Skype accounts on each tablet.
Tell them to go to different rooms.
Said girls will talk for hours – about real stuff and pretending – and entertain the Littles!
And then we will Skype with some friends in Jersey.

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