7 Quick Takes – 3/31/2013

 – 1 –

I really thought it would be a crazy week being truckless and all.   I’ll admit, the first couple of days were rough – it was rainy, windy and cold.  But after that, it hasn’t been too bad.  We figured out that as soon as temps are in the mid 40’s and the sun is shining, upstairs warms rather quickly.  It sounds so weird I know, but there really is a big temperature difference between even a few degrees – 25 is just flat cold, but 30 is tolerable.  

BabyGirl started laughing this week – and found her piggies!!  *Too* cute!!

– 2 –

 Bou and I spent a full day chopping away and burning the huge pile of trees… again. 

The good news is we didn’t catch the forest on fire.  The bad news is we almost did.  A log popped and sent an ember a good 5 feet away into the leaves.  Thankfully I saw it smoking and was able to extinguish it before it was bigger than a dinner plate.

The other good news is I think we can probably have it pretty much done after one more day like that! We can see over the pile now!!

Mr. was able to deliver a load of gravel! Slowly but surly, one truck at a time, we will get this 600 foot driveway graveled. It was really nice to be able to use the truck to mostly spread it out! For the first load we had an excavator to make it less labor intensive. Boy was I dreading doing it all by hand. We still had a bit to do by hand, and hauling it to the various pot holes (are they still pot holes even though it’s in dirt and not paved?)

Then Papa came the next day… And had to accept my challenge when I said the first load was too packed down and couldn’t be moved… So for the third day in a row, we were out there messing with the driveway.  It sure does look and drive better!

 – 3 –

Which was probably a good thing – otherwise we never would have found this… Our “dry creek bed” is a babbling brook! How sweet is that?! Love!

– 4 –

We also noticed this strange rock mound a few months back…

And since the big men’s were with there, I asked them to investigate.

Call me crazy, but that just isn’t a natural formation. And it’s to far back into the property for someone to have dumped them. I’m also not buying that some hunters or partiers decided it would be fun to mound a bunch of rocks into a circle.  Mr. dug down some of the stones and hit dirt… So whatever it is, they buried it before piling the rocks.

Or perhaps I’ve seen to many NCIS or Criminal Minds…

– 5 –

Preparing for Easter…  for 6 children…  in a 600 square foot under construction house…  is hard!!!  There is no where to hide anything and every noise is heard by all.  I’m nervous about Christmas…

Dying eggs was interesting as well…  We baked 2 1/2 dozen in the toaster oven.  Yes, baked.  Laid out on the rack, 350 for 30 minutes, plunge in ice water. Made doing a bunch of eggs SSSOOOO easy!

Easter morning, before church, we died some the old fashioned way.  And actually ran out of time so they soaked for 3 hours, producing the deep colors.  The other ones we did the with shaving cream – thank you again Pinterest!  They worked out pretty nice – a nice marble effect.  The red really stayed, the other colors, not so much.  We also learned to just kinda rinse them and pat dry – the more you rub (with water or paper towel) the more color comes off.  Oh and they are super slippery but dry fine!

– 6 –

Lent is over and I failed miserably at my focus to stop yelling. I will not give up, I will continue working on it. I think I have made progress. It’s become more of a “yelling to be heard over the noise of 6 children in a tiny house”. But sadly, I still often fall to “mad shrieking over 6 children in a tiny house”. It’s not like they have gotten louder. (I don’t think anyway.) But more their noise is always there, constantly around and there is much less space so it seems to amplify instead of disperse. If that makes any sense.

Then the Lord sent me encouragement through a fellow blogger mom who found out about The Orange Rhino Project. Wow is all I can say. Perfect. Perfect timing, perfect material, perfect support.  Once again He is reminding me I can’t do it on my own. I need Him. I need His help. I need His grace and His strength in my weakness.  I need others.

And I have learned I need quite moments alone.  Not just desire, but truly need them.  To recenter,  to refocus, to “be still”.  Days go much better when I can ‘check in’ with Him throughout the day.

– 7 – 

Lent is over which means He has risen!

Happy Easter!!

There’s that reminder of forgiveness and grace again. It’s been a highly emotional Lenten season. The Lord (and ole red feet) have brought up many thoughts and feelings. Some good, some, not so much. But I am a daughter of the Most High. By His stripes I am healed!  It is a story of hope.  Ironically, our church’s series that didn’t make full sense to me until today.  Thank you Lord for working me until I understood.

No Easter is complete without an Egg Hunt with the cousins at Grammy and Poppy’s!

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