7 Quick Takes – 3/17/2013

 – 1 –

Hallelujah!!  The Angels are singin yall!  Ok, so maybe its not a moment the angels would sing over.  We are however.  Its been a loooong week with no laptop charger.  A trip to Best Buy and we are back in business!  Whoo hoo!

– 2 –

I rock at this whole “Being a Contractor” thing! Coffee – check!  Walk around checking stuff – check!  Spend much time in truck on phone – check, check!  Although I am pretty sure when they are on the phone they are doing different things other than Goggling “how to {fill in current project}”.  Their coffee perk though, I can totally get accustomed to.

 – 3 –

A few days later, BabyGirl stomped her feet and demanded we go to Starbucks Lowes, you know, for more building stuff… or something… just so happens to be next to her favorite place – and who am I to deny this precious child’s request?!  Start ’em early.

– 4 –

 Viva il Papa!

 As I read so eloquently – in case there was any doubt – the Third Person showed His will on 3/13/13 when the Cardinals elected Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina, becoming Pope Francis.  

While Facebooking researching at the start of the Conclave, a friend posted about PopeWatch.org.  Sign up and they would text when white smoke appeared.  After signing up, it hit me – what an amazing age we live in!!  For Centuries people had to wait – sometimes months! – to find out we had a new Pope.  Can you imagine?!  And now – not only can we get an instant text, we can watch it live as it unfolds on TV.  Amazing!

The text brought unexpected emotions, tears filled and rolled quickly.  We had been talking for days about what the Conclave was, the whys and hows.  Bou and I were upstairs doing insulation, the rest were on the porch playing.  I hollered – white smoke! Almost in unison they started singing “White smoke, we have a Pope!” over and over.  

Later, we read who he was and his chosen name, after confirming my suspicion that it was after Saint Francis of Assisi, we read about him.  We went over the highlights a few times (name, Saint of, known for), then each of the older children said it.  Mr. Littlest decided it was his turn apparently and hollered out “Assisi stigmata” clear as can be!  Even some 10 hours later, while getting ready for bed I asked him to repeat it – “Who was the first person to get the holes in his hands?” Assisi “What is he the Saint of?” Animals “What are those holes called?” Stigmata

Totally amazes me still how much their minds pick up!

– 5 –

Your body really does get used to the cold.  I thought folks were crazy.  I mean, we got used to the heat – but cold?!  Besides Mr., we are so not a cold weather family.  Friday we had our first bought with spring/summer temps with a high of 74.  Saturday was even warmer at 79.  The children were begging to go to the truck and run the AC…  it was 64 degrees… 

– 6 –

Mr. got a “regular” job a few weeks ago.  Our first “regular, paid by the hour, they decide start/end time” job in 14 years.  To say its been an adjustment is an understatement!  So far, its been good.

– 7 – 

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!! 
(Anyone find it ironic the child wearing a shirt that says “Smile” is the one with attitude??  Silly girl!)

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