The Tale of the Stairs

After (what I thought) was our epic building fail of the stairs, we regrouped with someone that had at least been around it. See how low it is at the top?  It should be about 9 inches higher.  His idea – just raise the landing.  Duh!  So that’s what they did – and ta da! Stairs were built!

 Admittedly, it upset me when they tore out the box.  That box and cutting the first stringer is what I was trying so hard to work on when my breakdown occurred a few weeks back.  To see it be disassembled kinda made the breakdown seem for naught. 

 Then Mr. Littlest got his fingers slammed in the truck door (he’s fine), the “all for nothing” feeling turned to “to much chaos for my head” – and all children were made to sit down while I discussed the stairs (and subsequent kitchen area) with the mens.

For the 2nd time ever – I was able to go upstairs! 

As much as I tried to not get excited, that evening I couldn’t help it when visions of kitchens danced through my head…

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