Happy Valentines Day!

 We were on the front porch, looking in the window at all our children playing in the little house my love is building for us.

 Before you think it was a peaceful play, let me say the generator was running, so from my perspective it was a peaceful play.  The reality inside might have been slightly different. 

 A song kept running through my head.  It had played a  earlier and the big girls exclaimed “that’s daddy!” after the first verse of  ‘Small Town Southern Man’.  Close! 

 When we started this, it was a dream of 7 people living all together in a house built with his own hands.  Now there is 8 of us – and it is reality – celebrating our 15th Valentines together ~Love~

 (No, those roses were not from Mr.   We did not “do” valentines this year for obvious reasons.  These are from my father in law.  How sweet is that!!  I got lucky with my in-laws!)

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