Back to the Land

After spending days packing, moving, rearranging, we finally were ready to go back to the house Friday night.  But it was 9pm by the time we made it… and the house was in utter disarray from the lack of constant living/constructing/using it as storage from Christmas.

So we spent the night in the Excursion. 

Its times like this that I love having such a big rig!!  Fold the 3rd row down and the children curled up.  Us big folks (Bou included) got to tough it out in the seats.  Me holding a baby on my chest.  Yea, we didn’t get much sleep that night.

Saturday was spent getting some things to organize our clothes from my mother-in-laws extra rooms (where we are storing our stuff).  Oh get the room heater, we can run the generator… and since we are running the generator… we can take Bou’s little TV and the antenna…  you know, for extra light…


Then back to the house to make it sleepable.  Mr. finished up the stairs, then we moved the beds.

This was the disarray we were left with downstairs.

And suddenly, the house seemed so much bigger, yet so much smaller, all at the same time, if that makes sense.

Oh dear!

Saturday night we all curled up in our beds – the children in their sleeping bags, the Mr and I under a few blankets – and watched TV for the first time in our house – Despicable Me was on one of our 5 channels.  No, that is not a skylight – its actually an under cabinet light someone had given us.  Wow does it light up the room!  And we found out later that we actually melted the extension cord…  apparently it was not as heavy duty as we thought it was…  oops. (And a big Thank God for looking out for us – that could have ended ugly!)

 Sunday was spent at church, with family and of course, Life Group.  And yes, we watched The Waking Dead (Rick?! Come on now!!).  Monday was THE day to get this mess cleaned up… and mama came down with the head cold the children had last week.  Once again, we start living at the land and mama’s sick!  So it took all day Monday AND Wednesday (Tuesday my daddy came out, so we didn’t do much) to get things straightened out.

Oh.  My.  Word.  Yall!  We seriously have a lot of stuff – and this isn’t even a small portion of it!!

The plan is for the family closit to be to the right, the living/dining to the left.

 The future kitchen!

That is most of our clothes.  Yea, I said most.  We still have a dresser and 4 suitcases in storage, of clothes that we haven’t even gone through since Texas.  Yes, I think its safe to say most of those clothes are going to be donated since we haven’t seen/used them in almost a year.  But knowing how little space we will each have when we build the family closet, mama got serious…

Tada – the donate clothes.  I normally consign them twice a year, and I may do that still for some of it.  But for the most part, my goal is to just get them gone.  So off they will go to bless other large families and foster families.

And just in case you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you leave EVOO out in the freeze/thaw cycle of southern winters…  there ya go.  Pretty disgusting!!  Yea, we’ll call this a science project…

Now here’s where I’m gonna be real ya’ll.

 I’m not even going to lie.  Its been rough.  Temps have been in the 30’s at night, mid 40’s during the day.  We knew it would be hard.  Just didn’t imagine it would be like this.  It takes so much more energy than we figured it would to keep the room so we don’t see our breath.  Layers and coats are required at all times, constantly checking the baby to make sure she isn’t to cold/to hot from being over bundled.

The wood stove we have will not work.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  It would work – but with the stove pipe alone being roughly $1,000 plus the extra framing/fire resistant materials all the way up.  Add in the 9 square feet of space we would lose.  Its looking to be the same cost, if not cheaper, to just purchase a marine stove and install it in the stair wall – and we won’t lose so much real estate.

After melting the extension cord Saturday night, Monday the generator stopped working.  Mr. was finally able to fix it (again!) on Tuesday – something about a floater something or nother was mixing the oil and gas wrong.  To hear it roar up that night was like (incredibly loud!) music to my ears!  We ran all the heaters and made dinner in the toaster oven for the first time ever in our little house (Marie Calendars Mac and Cheese and Chicken Pot Pies).  Mr. sniffed and mentioned it was the first time the house ever smelled like that.  Me, with my stuffed up nose, couldn’t smell anything and initially thought something was wrong.  Food!  Our little house was filled with the smell of food cooking!  LOVE!  The first of many.

We finished dinner quickly.  It had been one of those cold, windy and rainy days, nothing we did was warming it up.  Everyone decided snuggling in our beds with extra blankets – and watching TV – was the best plan… and it happened to be the night of the State of the Union.  The children were less than thrilled that “The President’s on EVERY channel!?”  Missy and Mr. Littlest couldn’t understand why we couldn’t just watch Disney – bet he’s not on that channel…  You’re right children, you’re right.

So far everyone is keeping good spirits, taking it all in stride.  We all know this is only for a season.  Or a few weeks.  Then we will begin our next phase of construction – insulation (!!), drywall, roofing, ect.  Things will be much easier then.

And it has been unanimously decided – a flush potty is way more important than electricity.  Hallelujah!! 

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    • Not to mention laundry! lol. I was amazed at how much less laundry we had in Texas when we implemented it. Angels were singing I swear :P. No more 'I got a drop of water on my shirt, need to change my outfit' laundry lol

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