7 Quick Takes – 2/23/2013

 Since internet access has been like non-existent this week, I am just going to use this as a Week In Review.  Cheater.  Yea probably.  But we are at my mother in laws, celebrating Mr.’s birthday… I’m sure they would like me off the laptop as quick as possible 😛


– 1 –

Had my first Pinteresting Womens Group Friday night.  Basically, its 4 hours of crafting and visiting.  LOVE!  BabyGirl just wasn’t feeling it though.  Every time I put her down, she would fuss.  Even tried this nifty little bouncy seat.  She loved it… for like 5 minutes.  That’s ok.  I just carried her around and visited with the other ladies.

We also had to bring a snack we found on Pinterest.  I chose Hissy Fit Dip.  As did someone else!  What are the odds of that?!  Of all the recipies on Pinterest and 2 of us chose the same dish?!  It was super simple (I omitted the green onions- yuck!) and just sounded like to many of us Southern Ladys – I had to do it!  Story goes it was first served at an SEC tailgate – yall know how seriously we take our tailgating! – it was so popular it was gone in no time flat.  Well an uppity Southern Belle missed out on tasting the new recipe and pitched a hissy fit (which we are so well known for).  Hence the name!  So Pinterest it – and make it – super yummo!

– 2 –

My dad and my sister’s boyfriend came out to help Mr. move the bathtub into the house.  It was a mess, let me tell ya!  They had to take off our make shift front door, then pretty much move everything in the house.  A whole lotta “move 2 feet, pivot” went on – but it got in!!!

Yay!  Now we can rough plumb!!  The Boy (what my dad calls sister’s man) even moved in the ultra heavy one piece toilet for me.  And then we pulled out the pedestal sink!  To say I am getting just a little excited is perhaps an understatement!  But then the more I look at it, I can’t help but wonder if we can find a small dresser to do a vanity/vessel sink look…  I’ll be keeping my eyes open. 

And since the door was off anyway…  went ahead and installed the front door.  Only to find out the frame is rotting away.  Oh well.  We are learning with this reclaimed thing, sometimes its a win, sometimes not.  It works for now – and thats all that counts!

 – 3 –

Whoever on this planet voted for these flavors?!  Top 3 – really?!  Tasting Chicken and Waffles goes like this:  Hm… syrup… different, but not to bad…  uhhhh… chicken… recooked chicken!  DRINK DRINK DRINK! :Shutter:  The Saracha was alright – the kick hits in the after taste.  The Cheesy Garlic Bread was the best, and honestly, none of us were excited over that one either.

In Summary – we would not purchase any of them again – and for the love of potato chips – Lays, PLEASE do not put them in the variety boxes!

(Sidenote: My nail color that shows in the photo is really pretty, but my nails are purple with crosses for Lent, I have no idea why they photographed like that.)

– 4 –

The week continued with busy work.  Tuesday we started going through our “material collection area”, moving some of it under the house, getting rid of the yuck boards, trying to see what we have vs what we need.  Then Mr. started the burn pit… and we got sucked away from the wood pile to the tree piles.  How did that happen?!  We were forecasted to get a pretty good ice storm on Wednesday, guess it was as good a time as any. 

 We got a lot of loose fallen limbs/trees and one decent pile cleared.  The Christmas Day Blizzard and following severe weather, really did a number with our trees!  Lordy we can not have a messy forest!  Ok, no, I am really not wanting to clean 11 acres!  I dont even mind it looking wooded – it is where we are afterall (even though it goes against every single “make it look clean and pretty” bone in my body).  But around the house/driveway, I would like it to be a bit more manicured please.

 Woke up Wednesday morning, got it roaring again and continued on to other small piles.  It is not often you can be outside, hot in a hoodie, while it is snowing and sleeting!  A great day to clear more debris piles.  Then my big boys decided to try and boil water, Survival Man style.


It totally worked!  Then I had to laugh – we call this Science class – I don’t remember doing cool experiments like that in Science class!

 I finally got the fed up enough to face the huge tree pile again.  It took all of 10 minutes to fill the burn pit.  Sigh.  That pile has been a thorn in my side since we started this.  Think we could get it done if we got another round of winter weather.  I liked doing it in the sleet – it bounced off instead of soaking – sweet!
 We slept in the truck that night.  Not intentionally.  It was cold, Mr started playing movies on the phone for the children.  Naturally they fell asleep.  So we just stayed put.  Can I just say that sleeping in the truck is so not a fav – the children absolutely love it – but oh my word is it uncomfortable for us big folks!

– 5 –

Sadly, Thursday was freezing rain…

So we stayed put, watching more movies.  Yes, she’s backwards, but she kept trying to look at me in the front seat… we thought anyway.  No, she was just trying to roll to her belly!!

– 6 –

Let me say – Barkeepers Friend is my new fav!!!!  See this Pyrex?? Yucky, stained from our previous well water on the right side.  A bit of scrubbing and Tada! on the left.  I finished it up and it now looks brand new!  Yay!!  I dont have to buy new ones!!
I am so happy to have my kitchen back!  Yes, my entire kitchen fits in this wonderful Elfa drawer unit.  I’m not sure how easy this whole cooking thing will work, but with the toaster oven, skillet and a hot plate, we can pretty much make anything we want now!  Yay for no more frozen foods!

– 7 – 

And here she is – BabyGirl 3 days later, on daddy’s birthday – success!!!  She will be 4 months on the 26.  I knew it was bound to happen – babies don’t stay babies forever.  She has only tried to roll over a couple of times before succeeding today… funny, she still is not a fan of tummy time.  She was happy for all of 30 seconds maybe, then wanted off her belly. 

Happy Birthday Mr!!!!  Mwah!!!  We love you!!!!

Hope yall have a Blessed Week!!

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