7 Quick Takes – 2/15/2013


 – 1 –

 Sunday night was the first night of our Life Group.  I think its going to be super fun!  For our first “assignment” we took a personality test.  Let me tell you a funny about this test – I read about it on my Large Family Mama Group a few days before.  Its the Gary Smalley Personality Test, classifying your personality into Lion, Beaver, Otter and Golden Retriever.  So of course I Google it, right?  Cause its always fun to see what they come up with.  So I Google, and click every link on the first page.  But all I could find were “get a pen and paper, write down/tally up to find your mix”.  Well I didn’t want to get up, go to the other room, try and find a pen and paper,  and I couldn’t find a clickable test.  Call me lazy, whatever.  To much work involved.  Skip!  And then here we are having to take said test!  Point taken Lord.

– 2 –

 Oh our results.  Yea, pretty dead on.  Like scary.  Mr. scored overwhelmingly as a Lion (10 points above his next closest of Beaver).  Me – I was tied Otter and Golden Retriever.  I found it very enlightening.  Mostly because it was refreshing (and a big reminder!) that some of those qualities I tend to look at negatively have very positive attributes.

– 3 –

  While cleaning up the house, I may or may not have said in a slightly elevated voice that “We are a big ole family living in a little bitty house – everything must immediately go back to its proper spot!”  When Missy looks shocked and asks “Mama, is this a little house?”  Me: Yes, hun, its a little house.  Her: looking around truly amazed “I thought it was a huge house!”  #Perspective  #Love

– 4 –

 I have been hiding a bag of Hostess snacks since the day they announced they were going out of business.  You know, for mama to sneak a special family treat.
 They found them. 
 So here it is documented forever – our family enjoying our last box of Hostess Twinkies.  Many Twinkies were harmed in the taking of this photo.  
 And I may or may not have once again, spoken in a louder than normal voice, trying to get everyone to look at me with no closed eyes or funky faces.  I was on a time crunch here – trying to beat Mr. Littlest before he devoured his.  They thought it was funny – of all the things to holler about – a picture of my children eating Twinkies – hence the laughing smiles.

– 5 –

 Bou figured it out!  The Riffle Shuffle!!  He has been practicing and practicing for his card tricks.  Whoo hooo!!

  Mr. Littlest has begun comparing everything – its either fast like a cheetah or slow like an elephant. Yea, not sure where the elephant thing came from either.  And

 BabyGirl has been a little fussy butt this week.  Not sure what her deal is. Shes only 16 weeks, so still way young for teething. But we have found that music is her weekness!  When she gets to fussin, music will almost always stop it.

– 6 –

 Yes, I totally deemed chi’ing my hair a generator worthy task.  And I brought most of my shoes to the house.  I have tried this natural, tennis shoe wearing mama thing for almost a year now… its just not me.  And I totally couldn’t find a mirror, that’s ok, the self portrait camera options worked!

– 7 – 
 Mr.’s picture is on my last nerve.   After weeks of messing with it, I’m done with it.  It’s just gonna stay a funky blurry nothing until I can get our spring pictures done.  Sorry bloglandia.
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