7 Quick Takes – 2/1/13


– 1 –

  So Mr went and done it.  Asked that loaded question to Mr. Littlest.  SMH.  He should have known…  Mr Littlest picked me as his favorite #Love! 

 I dont know what Mr. was thinking.  Knowing I can say “Who’s too cute” and every time, his response is “you are mama”.  How sweet is that?!

 Even when Daddy bribed him by taking his ice cream.  His response “thats ok, I get nother one”.  #MyBoy

 He’ll be 4 in a week.  Crazy, huh?!  So yea, I am totally soaking up this “being the fav” thing cause in a couple years I know Daddy will be favorite 😛

 I think he has also been reading The Honest Toddler‘s blog.  This is the big accomplished grin and “Yessss!” I get when I answer ‘yes’ to his “Naptime over?  I not nap” question at 3pm…  sigh.  And “after naptime” means “snack time”…




















– 2 –

 Mr. hurt his back pretty bad last week, causing the disk to press on the nerves.  Bless his heart, couldn’t hardly move for 3 days.  So Bou has been working with him.  Job training?  He has been around it all his life, pretty much knows it.  #MyTwoWorkingGuys

 He is slowly getting better, trying to not stress is in anyway.  Think we put off the chiro way to long.

 Bou proudly showed me his new found ability to burp the alphabet.

 We’re classy like that.

 Briefly wondered if there could be a home school lesson in that… eh, decided to let him revel in his man/boy glory.

 Wonder if its something he’s learned from his dad…

– 3 –

 The house was put to another test this week.  It has already survived: a severe popup summer storm that tore up camp – a freak hurricane downgraded to Tropical Storm Issac – a freak Blizzard in the South.  This time it was our typical spring tornado storms… in January…  cause we always have at least one or two severe weather days in January/February – its just how we do it ’round here.  Practice for spring I tell myself

 The house did great!  The trees on the other hand…  oh dear, thats going to take a crew or a looong time for us to get all cleaned up.

 I also hung our first decor.  Yea, usually you finish building before decorating – what part of this has been traditional in any way?!  This beautiful cross stitch was my Christmas gift from one of my lovely sister-in-laws!

– 4 –

  House Update:

Totally used this for a lesson – the bottles were filled from the tank
right to left – notice the middle bottles separation of water and gas! 
Stairs = EPIC FAIL!  
Oh.  My.  Word.  Seriously.  
I have decided, these stairs will be the end of my sanity!
After killing my arms cutting a stupid stringer for 4 hours with a HAND SAW, Mr. walzes in like a boss, gets the generator running again (water in the gas) and cuts the other one in like 5 minutes.  We attach and square up the landing…  and the stupid stringers arent right.  We cant figure out where its messed up.  We ran the calculations like 5 more times and came out with the same measurements.  If we put it on the landing its a huge last step upstairs (like a whole foot!).  Put it where it should be upstairs and the treads are way slanted.  SMH.  
Hire it out??  Yea, thats what I’m thinking too.  I am so over the months I have spent trying to figure out the stairs in our little bitty space.

– 5 –

  Not wanting to end the day on a horrible note, I went to the next project I knew would be easy peasy – the rocket stove!

  Its a total temp solution.  The permanent one will go in the backyard, but we need something to cook on now.  We used 21 bricks and just Lego-style’d them.

 It seems to work like it supposed to.  Plan to cook on it this weekend!

– 6 –

  Daddy went to the Big Blue Box with us.  He didnt think I could get the 4×8 sheets of foam board and plywood to fit inside the truck.
 He hasnt seen the blog, he didnt know my talent…  Fine, so maybe its more the hugeness of an Excursion, but whatever…
 Learned an important lesson while there… the associates… trust but verify.  Sigh.  He was super helpful, I’ll give him that.  But he gave me 1/2 inch instead of 3/4 inch foam board.  I know I know, I should have double checked him.  But I didn’t.  We can use it elsewhere, just irritating.









– 7 –

 Signed up for small groups at church this week.  Mr. and I joined a couples one.

 Then I saw it – the ladies group I knew I had to join.

 And I heard angels singing.  I heard Him calling to me.

 I got so excited I was literally bouncing up and down, smiling much like BabyGirl is below!  The group:

 Pinteresting Women

 I mean I literally.  Had to.  For a lady  who has thousands a few pins – and has done or has plans to do many of them – it would be a shame to not join a bunch of other Christian Pinterest addicts browsers to feed the addiction share ideas, crafts and recipes! 


Hope yall have a Blessed Week!!

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